Tuesday, July 30, 2013

summer low down

So a lot has happened recently. Here is the low down on our summer:

- I went to JourneyLand Camp with our 3rd-6th graders. ~ It was fun. It was also very hot. But really, I was really happy to get to know some of the kids more. Knowing the children of my church is one of the ways that makes church feel like home to me. It's nice to have a kid wave hello to me on Sunday mornings. And I love being able to wave hello to them back! :)

- I've got to hold my friends' babies! Amanda had Genevieve and Kayla had Juliana! So happy that I get to see both of my good friends from time to time and that I get to hold and see their precious daughters.

- Blake's sister got married. We went to Bartlesville and saw a bunch of Blake's family whom we hadn't seen in years. Always fun to have a reunion over a joyful event. Nick and Heather are now happily living in Tennessee and they are being their smart medical selves!

- Blake's been working and learning all about this new industry he is in. Definitely different from AFB stuff!

- I've been working too! I got to work as the children's ministry intern for 4 weeks at church. It kept me busy and it's been so much fun! VBS was awesome!

- Family. Family. Family. We are spending lots of time with my family. And it's fun! I'm so thankful to get to see them more that a couple times a year.

- I went to Camp Bandina. And wow did it make me feel old for SO many reasons. About a million things have changes since I last was there in 2008. But the important thing was that the kids had an awesome time. And once again... I got to interact more with some of the kids from church. Always a good thing.

- My friend Yamileth came home from China!!! She has been teaching English there for the past 2 years and I have not seen here for over 3 years!!! She is in the US for good now and it's been amazing catching up with her... though there is still so much more to do!

-And lastly, I got a job!! Very excited to be the new PreK teacher at my church's Friendship School. It's 3 days a week and just perfect. I'm doing some professional development training this week and I'm starting to get excited. It's definitely a new type of  job for me, but I have a gut feeling that I'm going to LOVE it! I'm already brushing up on my Raffi songs!

So far this summer has been wonderful and full of the Lord's blessings. It's had is moments of uncertainty and stress- but the Lord has helped me every step of the way. I'm working really hard to do the Lord's will. And I think HE knows that, and because of that desire I have... he is clearly making his presence known in my life.

And I'm telling you... that is THE best part of being a follower of Christ. It's that feeling that He is always there. No matter what happens... you know it'll be OK... because you know you'll be able to find Christ in your life always.

I hope your summer is going fabulous and is rich with blessing just as mine is. Even if it isn't... don't give up God... don't wonder where He's hiding. Look for Him.... He never leaves us. Trust He is there and you'll be able to find Him!

Wishing you many many blessings~
K. Marie

Monday, July 1, 2013

letting Him put the pieces together

I'm one week and one day into my short term job at Memorial... and I'm loving every second of it. I love being in the church office and the conversation that takes place between all of the staff. I love that the stuff we are talking about is considered work... because it's the stuff that I love to talk about! Love ordering supplies and shopping and making phone calls. Love planning. Love thinking about the Lord within my tasks. I'm in my element. 

And I'm SO thankful for the opportunity to be in my element again, even if it is for a short few weeks. 

The other day I was going through one of my older prayer journals and came across this particular entry from Friday, May 16, 2008:

"...Also Lord, please let me get an internship at Blueberry Lane Church of Christ next summer. If that's where you want me. I would love to get to work there with "my friend". If you could just put your power into making that happen... please." 

OK the church was not called Blueberry Lane and I actually did write the name of my friend instead of "my friend"...  but those details do not matter. 

What matters is that I did NOT get that job I asked the Lord for. In fact.... before I could really even be interested in it, the job was filled. And I couldn't understand. I couldn't understand why if something seemed so right.... that it wouldn't work out. Especially since it involved serving the Lord! 

Because I didn't get that job... I suddenly became available for other opportunities and by that next January I was offered a summer internship with Memorial COC in Houston. 

Which... hey... isn't that where I go now? Where I temporarily work now??! 

I had an amazing summer with Memorial that year and I was living at home planning my wedding at the same time. Funny how things end up working out huh? And the thing is... because of my internship at Memorial a few years ago, Blake and I had some good connections there and were able to feel at home there when we moved to Houston a couple of months ago. 

I could not possibly feel more led to Memorial than I do right now. And I just feel SO thankful to the Lord for working things out like he has. 

So as I bite my nails in anticipation for what lies ahead after my 4 weeks of work are up, I can reflect on that journal entry. I can reflect on God's awesome presence in my life and know that He has always been there for me and always will be. Even when I can't put the pieces together... God can. 

And He is. 

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.  ~ Romans 8:28