Wednesday, June 25, 2014

update on the pregnant life: registries, glucose tests, and more...

A lot is happening right now during this pregnant life! Here are some of the highlights:

- We moved! Just downstairs though. It is so nice to be on the first floor and facing north rather than west. I've got a feeling our energy bill will be a lot lower. Blake's folks flew down and helped us along with my dad and brother and it was definitely a fast move. Pretty much everything was unpacked before Blake's parent's left. What a blessing! 

- We made our baby registries! We registered at Babies R Us and BuyBuy Baby. For those of you that don't know about BuyBuy Baby, it is a newer store owned by Bed Bath and Beyond and you can use your Bed Bath and Beyond coupons there. Boy... I never would have guessed how difficult making a baby registry would be but it is OVERWHELMING!!! I did so much research beforehand but I still felt so inadequate going through the stores. With the help of some friends who've gone before me and the book called Baby Bargains, I feel a lot better about it though! So if you are browsing my registry and think I made a horrible mistake, just smile and think to yourself, "Well it's only her first time!" :) 

- I discovered how much fun it is to shop at Gymboree! It is simply the best for girl clothing. Enough said. 

- I had another monthly checkup. Kate's heart rate was good, my blood pressure was good. Yay! The bad news.... my OB insisted I take the glucose screening for insurance purposes. (That's the test used to diagnose gestational diabetes.) Ugg. 

-So I took the glucose screening. Wasn't near as bad as I'd heard from other's. And of course... I had abnormal results and had to go back for the 3 hour glucose tolerance test. 

Now, let me give you a little bit of background on this. My endocrinologist completely scared me to tears about the GTT. She told me how awful I was going to feel- and to even have someone bring me because I'd feel so nauseous and faint. Like I literally cried for days about it... and then ended up canceling my one with her because I was so freaked out. So I REALLY was not looking forward to this. 

So I went into the office (having fasted) this morning doing everything in my power to stay positive. Even humming along to Black Velvet on the radio in the waiting room. Then I got my first draw of blood, guzzled the disgusting fruit punch drink. (Think  water bottle full of thick snow cone syrup) The drink wasn't so bad though, just having to drink it 5 minutes wasn't very fun. But I didn't feel sick or anything. I sipped on some water and was just fine. I didn't have to wait in the waiting room so I went out to my car and watched Netflix on my phone. Went back in after an hour for my next blood draw. So far so good. Feeling great. 

Then I realized hand sanitizer had spilled over everything in my purse and messed up my phone so that messed up my Netflix plans so I drove around and eventually went to the Halmark store. I went back twice more for blood draws. (4 all together) 

I felt fine the entire time. Just thirsty and toward the end... hungry. After it was done I gobbled up some chick-fil-a nuggets like it was ice cream on a sunny day. 

I survived! I felt just fine! And I even got my phone working. So that was a big accomplishment for me! 

- Last news... we ordered Kate's crib!!! It should be here by Friday! So exciting! I'm at 24 weeks now and they are just flying by! It'll be October before we know it! 

Well that's all for now! Hope everyone out there has a great fourth of July!