Sunday, October 2, 2016

Kate's Barnyard Bash

It was so much fun planning Kate's party! We knew that we'd have to do a barn yard theme for Kate's party because she loves all things farm right now. Plus, animal sounds were one of the first ways she started talking, so it just seemed fitting!

We were a little bit nervous about the weather, but we ended up with a gorgeous morning! 

We had a "farm fresh" theme for our morning snacks. Garden Veggies, Fresh Country Eggs, Apples for the Orchard with caramel, Little Piggies (thank you Sister Schubert!), Pumpkin Spice Chex mix, Cowtail candy, and homemade yellow cupcakes with homemade buttercream frosting! 

We had several different activities around the backyard. My favorite was Kate's Little Pumpkin Patch! We had stickers to decorate. We had lots leftover and so Kate and I are still having fun with this project! 

I wanted to have a few activities for any older kids who came. This was pumpkin Tic Tac Toe. Kate's been having a ball playing with the pumpkins- counting and sorting them. I think we'll have fun with this stuff for years to come! 

Sheep Shearing! So simple! A diaper box covered with backwards contact paper and cotton balls. 

Of course, a bean bag toss! We also had corn hole and ladder golf for big kids. 

Pony Rides... the easy kind anyways. :) 

Rope the cow! An embroidery hoop that has rope twisted around it is used to "rope" the cow.           

We had fun playing outside with everyone! 

 Uncle Jake brought his guitar and led us in Happy Birthday- the Oklahoma breeze made the candle a bit difficult so we ended up pretending. Kate loved her cupcake! 
Much different from her first birthday!

We went inside for presents. They were all a hit! Kate's enjoying having some new toys to play with! 

The little ones spent some time playing inside and it was so fun to have all the little ones together! 

It was a fun morning! Friends and family truly are a blessing in this life. We are so thankful for the time in fellowship we had. 
We are looking forward to watching Kate grow during this third year of life!  

Birthday Fun for Daddy, Kate, and Papaw!

Blake's parents came down the Thursday before Kate's birthday party- and we had such a great time! They had their car loaded down with goodies for us so the first thing we did was exchange some birthday presents! 

Blake went first and was surprised with a battery operated blower that matches his lawn mower and weed eater. These are the things we need now that we have a yard! 

Kate went next! She first opened up a book, The Little Engine that Could. We thought that she might need to grow into the story a bit because it's a little long but she loves it! That was a great classic to add to our library! 

Next she got a sweet Noah's Ark toy. She's had all kinds of fun with that. And if there was any question, she is definitely more familiar with the story of Noah! 

Next we went outside for the big surprise!! A castle! Grandma and Papaw had this big thing packed in their Rav along with all the goodies- I was impressed! Oh, Kate has had so much fun with this! What a blessing to get a fun backyard toy right as the weather is starting to get nice!

Papaw went last! We gave him a bible study book called The Pursuit, written by the husband of someone I grew up with a Westbury. I'm excited to hear how it is!

We had an early dinner of Friendship Casserole before Blake headed off for class at OC. Then on Friday evening we went to Ted's for another feast! Lots of birthday fun! Such a blessed weekend!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Kate's Birthday Weekend with MiMi and Gramps

What a fun weekend! MiMi and Gramps came up to see their little "grandoll" and Kate sure was excited. They got in late Friday evening so Kate got to see them when she woke up on Saturday morning! Of course it wasn't long before she got to open the rest of her birthday present from them. (Earlier this month they brought the high chair and cradle.) 

A baby doll and some baby doll food items! Kate was so excited!! This is her first real baby doll and it's the perfect size, just for her! 

Blake got his present from my parents too! Of course, Kate had fun opening it with him. 
(Nebraska shirts and REI socks!) 

Later that morning we went out to the Route 66 park and took Kate for a walk with her new trike. Then MiMi and Gramps played with her on the playground while Blake and I hunted down shade! It's surprising how warm it is this late into September! Still a nice morning though!

Blake and I headed out to the State Fair and Kate got to spend the afternoon with my folks. She was loving her new toys! 

 It sure is fun watching her learn how to play in new ways. I wish I would have remembered to take some pictures of Kate with my parents! Next visit I'm going to write it on my hand if I have to so that I'll remember! Anyways, Saturday evening Jake came over and we all watched some football and ate pulled pork potatoes. MiMi and Gramps had to leave on Sunday morning before church so it was a short visit but we sure are so blessed that we got to see them twice this month! 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Kate Marie is TWO!

Today is the day! Kate Marie is two years old! 

In the morning Kate and I went to Covenant because I help babysit for their MOPs and Bible Study time and Kate had a fun time with her friends and teachers. I think her favorite part though was when Aunt Jenny and Henry brought her some birthday balloons with lolly pops! She's had fun with her balloons all day and she got to enjoy one of the lolly pops which she very much liked! She's been asking for more "pops" all day. Her balloons will float to  the top of the celling and she'll tell me "pie" "pie" but she really means "up high"! There was no nap today but oh well, I suppose you're allowed to have more play time when it's your birthday. :)

 We were really excited when Daddy came home! Blake had to leave for class around 5:15 so he got home a little early (3:15) so we could have fun celebrating Kate's birthday. Kate got to Skype with Blake's parents and they sang her Happy Birthday. Then it was card and present time! She opened up her cards that she got in the mail from family- she loved ripping open the envelopes but was not so patient for hearing the heartfelt messages inside. We'll have to hold on to them so she can read them some day when she's old enough to treasure it! 

She had a present from Uncle Ron and Aunt Colleen that we've been holding on to since our Kansas trip. I was really glad we had at least one wrapped gift for her today because our gifts for her were too large to wrap. Kate had fun tearing through the wrapping of course! Surprise! It was Curious George! She was SO excited to see George. This one was when he went to the aquarium, which Kate and I did in Galveston over the summer. So it was fun to bring up those memories again. 

Next it was time for her presents from us! We got her a convertible trike that we can use for family walks right now and as she gets more coordinated you can take off more and more pieces until it's eventually just a plain trike! Kate was pretty excited about her "bike" and couldn't wait to hop in! 

Daddy took her on a little ride to discover her next present! Her very own table- just her size! She was excited, but still more excited to be in her bike. We had fully intended on walking her down to park with her trike and spending time outside, but of course it rained almost the entire time Blake was home! We noticed that the rain had taken a rest so we went out to walk down the street. Kate loved it! 

 On the trike you can choose to have the child steering locked or open and Blake had it opened so Kate was having so much fun moving it around whichever way she felt like.  She'll be ready to have the feet rest off and play with the petals pretty soon I'm sure! 

Once we got backside the table became much more interesting to her! 

We ate dinner, potato soup for mom and dad and for Kate, her favorite- PP&J. Then it was time for a Birthday treat! Kate and I went out in the rain this afternoon and picked up some super cute cookies from Eileen's. I suppose I could have picked out a Happy Birthday cookie but Kate can't read yet and come on, these fall ones are so much more cute! 


The cookie was a hit! 
As Kate was eating it she continued to say, "Good! Good!" in between her licks and bites. 

Then, just like that, it was time for Daddy to go to school! I'm so thankful we got to have some time as a family though, that made the day really special. Kate got to FaceTime with MiMi and Gramps and then we watched some of her favorite songs on Youtube, read stories and went to bed! 

After we said her prayer and I was giving her our last snuggles before bed I sang to her the first song I ever sang to her after she entered this world. While I was pregnant I had picked out a song that I loved (Songbird) and I thought that would be the song I sang to her the most- the song she'd remember me by. But after I held her in my arms for the first time, the words to a song I hadn't sang in years came from my lips in a soft whisper. It's actually 2 songs, and I can't sing one without the other. And I've been singing it to her ever sense. 

Jesus Jesus keep me near to 
the precious cross- that's where
the fountain is flowing so freely 
it's free to everyone who looks to the Lord
I can see that it's flowing from Mount Calvary

Jesus keep me near the cross
there a precious fountain
free to all- a healing stream
flows from Calvary's mountain

In the cross 
In the cross
Be my glory ever 
Until my raptured soul shall find
rest beyond the river

Yes, my Lord. 

From the rising of the sun
to the going down of the same
the name of the Lord shall be praised

From the rising of the sun
to the going down of the same
the name of the Lord shall be praised

So praise ye, the Lord
Praise ye, the Lord
From the rising of the sun
To the going down of the same
The name of the Lord shall be praised 

I'm so thankful that the Lord put these songs on my heart that day, for they sum up life so well. The hold the message I want our precious daughter to know more than anything else in the world. 

Jesus saves you; praise the Lord!

Father God,
You are the great and might God. There is no one like you. Holy, is your name.
Thank you for the privilege of being Kate Marie's mother. For letting her daddy and I know her and love her, we are so blessed. Thank you for bringing this sweet girl into our life.

May she grow this third year strong and healthy, but also may she grow to know you more. Help her to learn more about you and what you've done for us. Help her to begin to understand that you are the Lord of all the earth. May her little lips learn to praise you. May her little hands learn to clap for your glory. May her little heart learn to help others. May her feet dance for you. May her smile show your love. May her song be for you.

We love you so much. You are so good.
In the name of Jesus,