Sunday, October 2, 2016

Birthday Fun for Daddy, Kate, and Papaw!

Blake's parents came down the Thursday before Kate's birthday party- and we had such a great time! They had their car loaded down with goodies for us so the first thing we did was exchange some birthday presents! 

Blake went first and was surprised with a battery operated blower that matches his lawn mower and weed eater. These are the things we need now that we have a yard! 

Kate went next! She first opened up a book, The Little Engine that Could. We thought that she might need to grow into the story a bit because it's a little long but she loves it! That was a great classic to add to our library! 

Next she got a sweet Noah's Ark toy. She's had all kinds of fun with that. And if there was any question, she is definitely more familiar with the story of Noah! 

Next we went outside for the big surprise!! A castle! Grandma and Papaw had this big thing packed in their Rav along with all the goodies- I was impressed! Oh, Kate has had so much fun with this! What a blessing to get a fun backyard toy right as the weather is starting to get nice!

Papaw went last! We gave him a bible study book called The Pursuit, written by the husband of someone I grew up with a Westbury. I'm excited to hear how it is!

We had an early dinner of Friendship Casserole before Blake headed off for class at OC. Then on Friday evening we went to Ted's for another feast! Lots of birthday fun! Such a blessed weekend!

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