Sunday, September 18, 2016

Kate's Birthday Weekend with MiMi and Gramps

What a fun weekend! MiMi and Gramps came up to see their little "grandoll" and Kate sure was excited. They got in late Friday evening so Kate got to see them when she woke up on Saturday morning! Of course it wasn't long before she got to open the rest of her birthday present from them. (Earlier this month they brought the high chair and cradle.) 

A baby doll and some baby doll food items! Kate was so excited!! This is her first real baby doll and it's the perfect size, just for her! 

Blake got his present from my parents too! Of course, Kate had fun opening it with him. 
(Nebraska shirts and REI socks!) 

Later that morning we went out to the Route 66 park and took Kate for a walk with her new trike. Then MiMi and Gramps played with her on the playground while Blake and I hunted down shade! It's surprising how warm it is this late into September! Still a nice morning though!

Blake and I headed out to the State Fair and Kate got to spend the afternoon with my folks. She was loving her new toys! 

 It sure is fun watching her learn how to play in new ways. I wish I would have remembered to take some pictures of Kate with my parents! Next visit I'm going to write it on my hand if I have to so that I'll remember! Anyways, Saturday evening Jake came over and we all watched some football and ate pulled pork potatoes. MiMi and Gramps had to leave on Sunday morning before church so it was a short visit but we sure are so blessed that we got to see them twice this month! 

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