Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Kate's last month of being 1

Here we are, the day before Kate's second birthday. It's so exciting! I remember when Kate was small I used to see kids who were close to two years old and it felt like they were teenagers. Now I see the little ones and I hardly see the difference. "Oh, my daughter is almost the same age", I often say.  I'm sure their parents have the same denial I once had! It truly goes by quickly. I'll start were I left off last time!

So we started Mother's Day Out! It's always so funny trying to take porch pictures because she thinks that we're standing outside to play. She was really excited to carry her backpack and nap mat, although after the first week the thrill was over and she now wants me to carry everything. She's only got to go twice so far because we were off for Labor Day and this past week we were getting over a cold but she enjoys it. She doesn't take a super long nap, but oh well, at least she gets some rest! Meanwhile, I love love love my Mondays! 

I'm trying to have something fun planned for her when she gets home from MDO so we can have some good mommy/daughter play time. We've been doing lots of apple play the past few weeks- sensory activities, songs, and books. Lots of fun! On this day I'd made apple pie play dough which smells amazing! So we enjoyed making apples. This was the first time she's really played with play dough which was exciting! I think she'll get into even more once I find some little tools to use with it. 

 We also did apple sorting. While she definitely knows her colors and knows how to sort, this didn't keep her very occupied. We'll try again next year! 

 Apple bobbing! She really enjoyed this one, although she preferred to not use the spoon. 

 I'll confess, we only did it with water once, now it's an indoor activity. :) Also she likes pulling the door mat or a blanket over to play on. Really cute! 

 She is really into having tea parties. She wants you to come sit with her and she'll pull over all of her stuffed animals. I did not show her how to do this, I think Blake may have. Anyways it's really fun. I can't wait to take her to Inspirations Tea Room in Edmond to have a little tea party and buy her a nicer tea set. (Then these can go back to the bathtub!) 

MiMi and Gramps came to visit and they brought her part of her birthday present! What a lucky girl! She loves her cradle and high chair for her dolls! She is really interested in pretend play. She enjoys putting her toys down to go night night or to have a snack. She also likes to pull the diapers out of the drawers because her little friends all need a diaper change. 

While my folks were here we went to see Jake play with the OC Summer Singers for the freshman. Pretty fun to watch them play as the sun was setting. 

 She's getting so grown up! Her hair is getting longer and she's learning how to do and say more each day. Sometimes I have moments when I look at her and just can't believe how grown up she looks. This was one of those moments! 

 She really enjoys helping me in the kitchen. I don't always feel like having a toddler helper of course, but I'm trying to look for ways that she can get involved. I've heard stories about my grandma Lehman cooking with kids and I guess I just feel connected to her somehow when I've got Kate up on the chair helping me. In this picture she was simply moving the veggies over from the cutting board to the pan- she loved it. 

We made an apple pie sensory bin that has proven to be loads of fun. Oatmeal with cinnamon sticks and apple pie spice. Also some pretend apples and little cooking tools. She can make a mess but it's just a quick sweep to clean. Worth the mess for the fun it is! 

We've also made apple pie, applesauce muffins, and applesauce! She loves to help. She wanted to help when I was peeping them so I gave her a little measuring spoon to pretend like she was peeling. Then she discovered that you could bit into the apple and it tastes pretty good! 

Our girl loves loves loves applesauce. This fall has been tricky for us though. All of my homemade apple sauce has been giving her a rash around her mouth- never happened in the past! So I've been trying different recipes. I used one that had less spices and was sweetened and used no green apples and she's been doing pretty good with it. 
Meanwhile, I've got lots of apple sauce in my freezer for muffins!!! 

On a personal note, I'm going to be facilitating our Monday night bible studies at church this fall so I've been getting a head start. We are going to go through Pricilla Shire's The Armor of God. I've been getting ahead and it is so so so so good. I'm excited to see how God will change me in the next few months. Blake has also gone back to school to get his masters in computer science at OC. He is gone just one night a week thankfully. So we've both got stuff we are working on! 

My cousin Candy loaned us a little dress that was her's when she was a little and was worn by some of the cousins as well. It was fun to see little Kate in it! Also worth remembering that Kate has started wearing bows again! She will finally keep them on her head and I'm pretty sure this was the first Sunday in a long time for that to happen! 

Sometimes there are moments when I look at Kate and see her daddy so so much. This was one of those times. :)

For Memorial Day we went over to John and Janine's and had steaks and potatoes for Blake's birthday! Jenny made a yummy cherry crisp-- so so good. I need to do a better job of taking more pictures when we are all together. Those Friend kids are so good with her. Lots of mental pictures. 

By the time Blake's birthday rolled around he was in school! We were able to give him his gifts and sing happy birthday to him before he left. He wasn't feeling that great so we didn't do anything special for eating, poor guy! 

Kate got this puzzle for Christmas last year and it's been put up because Kate mostly liked to throw the pieces everywhere. I decided to pull it out and she was occupied for a very long time! I was impressed that she could complete it! She would go back and forth between identifying the shapes and colors. So proud of her! 

And eating. Oh boy. Someone please tell me that it will get easier. I miss the days where she would eat what we offered her. When she would eat chicken, pork, and beef. Oh, what has happened? She does not have much variety but it's not because I don't offer it. She usually loves to eat carrots unless the are leftover so at least there is that. Her sources of protein are peanut butter, cheese, and yogurt. Favorite snacks are raisons, teddy bear cookies, and pouches. She also likes applesauce, bananas, peach and pear cups. Sometimes grapes. Sometimes green beans. Always bread. 
Hoping for some changes in her third year! 

She is learning new things everyday. Sometimes putting 3 words together! She is starting to sing more, she loves to sing "Head Shoulders Knees and Toes" "Wheels on the Bus" and "If You're Happy and You Know It". She loves her books and loves going to the park. She loves the swing the best but is starting to enjoy climbing and going down the slide. She loves going up to the church. And she LOVES to FaceTime with MiMi and Gramps! 

She will get to see Blake's folks soon too and I know she will be so excited! She's starting calling Blake's dad "PawPaw" all on her own. We've never ever called him that so that's completely on her! We tried correcting her but she wouldn't hear it! So PawPaw it is. :)

Lots coming up for our girl! 2 year check up on Friday, a visit from MiMi and Gramps this weekend and then next weekend Grandma and PawPaw and her birthday party! Woo Hoo! 

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