Sunday, August 21, 2016

Ready for School! (okay... mother's day out!)

Tomorrow our baby will grow up just a little bit. She will go to her first day of Mother's Day Out at Covenant Community Church! I'm a excited and nervous at the same time. I think I'm more nervous for her teachers, but here are my main concern:

-Will she eat her lunch and drink her milk?

-Will she nap on her nap mat?

I think she'll have fun though and it should be a good experience for both of us! She will only be going one day a week so I'm wondering how that will affect her routine, but hopefully it'll help her to be more flexible!

We're calling MDO "school" for simplicity. If we call it "church" it might confuse her with our congregation's building and Mother's Day Out is just a little too long to say sometimes. Who knows, maybe Kate will get to be a SWCS patriot in a few years, so might as well get her used to the facility as "school"!

We are all ready to go! She has her first backpack and lunch box! She even got some new play clothes and big girl shoes for all the playing she'll be doing on the playground! 

She is pretty excited about her backpack and of course she loves her new shoes. (What girl doesn't?) 

She was fascinated with her nap mat. Although I think she thinks it's just for play time. One of her favorite activities is to pretend to go night-night, and she also loves to put her toys down for bed. So when she first saw her nap mat I think she thought it was her pretend bed... hopefully she'll figure out it's for nap time!! Bless her teachers, that's all I have to say. 

I know this is not the same thing as parent's getting their kids ready for school, but it's pretty darn good practice-- We'll ease our way into this transition over the next few years! 

Father God,
You are our good good Father. You care about each of your children so intimately that it makes our greatest love here on earth look weak. Thank you for loving our sweet Kate, for caring about her even more that we her parents do. Thank you for the opportunity we have to try mother's day out. Thank you for her loving teachers and each little friend that will be in class with her. Give her teachers the energy and wellness they need to meet the needs of the class. I ask that you help this be a positive experience for Kate. Help her to feel safe and loved and help her to grow. Guide her so that she might learn how to share and play with others, and also find healthy independence. Help her to learn more about you and your mighty love. 
It's in Jesus name I pray,

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