Friday, May 15, 2015

Life With Kate: 8 Months Old!

Our sweet babe is 8 months old today! There are some long days and fast days- but the year is flying by! What a joy it's been watching her precious personality continue to blossom and her sweet little body continue to grow before our eyes! 

We got to spend a little bit of time with Uncle Jake while we was home for a week from OC. 

This month brought sickness for the whole family! Blake caught a cold at work and it slowly made it's way through us all. Kate has been congested pretty badly this week- I thought we were finished with it but I guess not! She is full of energy and always ready to play. While I was suffering through the worst of my cold we spent a lot of play time in mommy and daddy's bed! 

We finished up our garden theme. It was a lot of fun having something specific to talk about- bugs, sunshine, rain, rainbows, bunnies, and of course, flowers! 

Here is Kate with her flower discovery bottle. 

Reading a book about a caterpillar who turned into a butterfly! 

We wore out all of our books, songs, and discovery toys having to do with our theme and we've moved on to "The Zoo". Here she is with a new, zoo themed sensory board. I'm pretty sure she'd like to just put the entire board in her mouth, but I think she enjoys feeling the different textures. I've googled and came up with some fun zoo songs, got a few zoo animal books, and found some "little people" zoo animals on eBay and we've been having a good time! 

Remember how I said I needed to get more pictures of Kate with Blake? I was on that this month! Here are a few:

We celebrated my second Mother's Day! I say my second, because carrying a child definitely puts you in the mother's day category in my book! It was my first Mother's Day being able to hold Kate in my arms though! We went over to my parent's and my dad fixed us a delicious brunch! (Can you tell Kate was getting congested by her expression in this pictures?)

She loves her feet! She's officially mastered being able to put her toes in her mouth. In fact, when I'm nursing her she has a hard time eating because her kicking feet are so interesting! 

She sits up so well now and doesn't fall over much. I'm getting ready to put away our little play mat/ gym because the hanging toys don't really interest her much anymore and the frame on the mat hinders her ability to move around (which I'm trying to encourage because she doesn't have much motivation to do so!) Now she sits on a big open blanket with her toys! 

 Oh, bath time! In this picture she's leaning back but we actually took out the insert that helps her lay back because she's ready to sit up while she takes her bath! She's adjusting very well! At first she didn't like getting the water in her eyes while rinsing her hair but she is used to it now.

Here is her hair after we vigorously dry it with the towel. Her top hair is so long! 

Lately she's been falling asleep with her hands over her eyes- so cute. 

Kate is "talking" and laughing more and more. On Mother's Day she actually made the sound "dad" more than once for us. I think she missed the memo! :) This month she tried green bean puree and pear puree- both of which she loved. I can't help but wonder why I waited so long to make her some pears- they are white so they don't stain anything. That would have been great at the beginning! She eats an ice cube of home made produce puree twice a day and nurses about 6 times per 24 hours. I think she is adjusting better to the food now, but we are still taking it slow. She still wakes up at night time either once or twice and usually has a pretty hearty appetite. It's hard waking up but I know that in a few months she'll be on cow's milk and eating more food and it'll be a whole different ball game, so I'm trying to savor these days! 

I love watching her take such delight in all of the small things. It could simply be our voices, or a breeze outside, a burp cloth even. She is noticing so much. I think that must be one of the reasons God loves children so much. God wants us to stand amazed at everything- even the small things. He doesn't want us to grow so accustomed to things that we don't even notice them anymore! Kids are great at staring in "wonder of it all". I think God likes it that way because then we can just look to Him without question and say, "You are the awesome God! You made everything with your great power and love!" I'm so blessed to be reminded of this from my little girl! 
Oh, how blessed I am to be her mom.