Sunday, May 8, 2016

Life With Kate~ 18 Months (plus family updates!)

Wow! It's been a really long stretch since my last post! This has been, for the most part due to the fact that I was not a liberty to publicly talk about our major life events!! BUT now I can! :)

Everyone has now heard about our move back to Yukon, Oklahoma. So would you like a little back story?? My precious husband had been searching for a new job in the Houston area for a long time. He'd been looking in Austin, and other nearby places as well. He was just really looking for something different. Not only was the oil business not very stable but he really wasn't finding enjoyment in it. He wasn't having much luck. So imagine our surprise when last fall he got a call from a recruiter from his old company... Tinker Air Force Base! We really were not sure about it... it sounded like a dream (which I really hold to God) but we were not sure if the pay would be what we needed it to be. Blake thought he'd need to work at a different company to make our desired income--- well wouldn't you know not even half an hour later he got an e-mail from that specific company for a job he'd applied for nearly a year ago! It gave me chills. Long story- short- we went with Tinker and here we are!!! Haha! Actually-- try moving to Oklahoma in January but not actually starting the new job until May!! It's been an interesting year for us going back and forth between Yukon and Houston, but God has provided for us in amazing ways and has taught us so much about not only depending on Him but also confidently pursing His will. We definitely miss my parents and our friends in Houston, there just isn't a way sugar coat that so I won't even try. We are so grateful for how much God blessed us during our 3 years in Texas. We also know that God has brought us back to Oklahoma, and as a new chapter has begun for us, we are excited to discover God's purpose for us here.

On another note--- I've ventured into a new ministry-- the blogging one! I spell worse than a 4th grader and my grammar is horrifying but in God's great mercy, I was invited to be a contributor for a beautiful Christian website- Creating a Great Day. It has been such a blessing to share in the community with the other bloggers for the site. I'm so enjoying taking time twice a month to write for such a wonderful mission! If you'd like to see any of the posts I've written you can look here: Kristin J's Posts

Through all this... our little baby girl passed her 18 month milestone!! (As I'm writing this she is nearly 20 months-- oh man I'm behind!!)

She has grown into a happy little toddler! I was so worried about her- she wasn't drinking from cups, she didn't like eating real food, she was addicted to her milk, she wasn't talking..... goodness. Listen all you new mommas out there---- quit those anxious thoughts!!! I'm happy to report our girl can use a straw now, all toddlers are picky eaters, warm milk helps her sleep better so who cares-- and she is talking up a storm these days, saying new words every day!! 

It seems her favorite books, toys, songs, and words are always changing. 
Right now these are her favorite things:

toy bugs
our back yard
our neighborhood park 
her cinderella and prince toys
Ba-Ba-Black-Sheep and Little Bo Peep
Baby Bum Youtube Videos 
Miss Patty Cake Praise Songs 
Rhyme Bible
pretty much all of her books-- she loves to read books
the "night night" song from Westbury's cradle roll class
sitting-- I know that sound funny but she loves climbing into a chair to sit! 
juice-- only for special treats!
fruit and grain cereal bars
gold fish
Pointing and naming all parts of your face (nose, eyes, ears, mouth, hair)
helping mommy unload the dishwasher
taking clothes out of the dryer 

Have I named enough things??? That's our little girl! She is healthy and happy. No matter what's going on, seeing her happy face always lifts our spirits. Kate Marie is the definition of joy for us. 

Hopefully now that we are getting settled into our Oklahoma life I'll be able to write on here more! I've so missed it! By the way-- if you get these posts e-mailed to you and would rather be off the list please tell me. I promise I won't be offended!! AND if you'd like to be added to the list let me know so I can add you! :)

Hope you all have a blessed week!