Friday, July 17, 2015

Life With Kate: 10 Months Old

Our Kate Marie is 10 months old! I'm a couple of days late on this post, but there has been sickness of strep, sinus infections, Hand Foot & Mouth, and a mystery virus going through our family the last couple of weeks!!! Needless to say- what a month! Kate has grown SO much this time and I have a lot to share with you!

First of all, these days it's a lot harder to take our monthly picture. This is what happens! We are on the move these days! More on that later though! 

We started off the month with her 9 month check up where she did great (despite lots of waiting) and to our surprise had no shots scheduled. Yay! She came in at a whopping 20 pounds and 5 ounces and (82%) and 27.25 inches (33%). 

Her movement has changed a lot! She started the month by rolling around and squirming all over the floor to making easy transitions from laying down to sitting to... drum roll please.... CRAWLING by the the end of the month! She will crawl across the room if she sees something that look interesting. It's been so much fun watching that develop. She is moving more in her crib too though! Now instead of crying for a couple of minutes (sometimes) and falling asleep, she can sit up and even pull up on the crib to standing) and stay awake. Makes nap time difficult! Her sleep varied like crazy this month, but there have been a lot of developmental changes going on. 

Another huge milestone was her first tooth broke on July 1st! I've been thinking that tooth was on it's way since she was 3 months old but it finally made an appearance! She continues to chew on everything she can get her hands on of course! 

Kate tried lots of new foods this month, including beets, pumpkin, chia seeds, peach, turkey, broccoli, strawberry, zucchini, white potato, puffs, and yogurt. She also had formula for the first time because she was spending the night at MiMi and Gramps and we ran out of milk from my freezer supply. That will just be a once in a while thing as I'm still making enough milk to feed her and it's so much easier to nurse than to wash a bunch of bottles. We also switched to the classic Tupperware sippy cup and she is liking that much more than all the other fancy cups. The water comes out easy so she is actually getting water to drink. The downside is that it is a bit more messy, but it's just water. 

We moved up to the big tup this month! No more baby tub. I don't know if I should be excited or sad about that! :( But she has so much fun smashing around and playing in the big tub that it softens my sadness! She is such a champ when we wash her hair, she doesn't even seem to notice the water in her face. In fact, the last time we went swimming we dunked her under the water and she did great! Makes this momma who grew up doing swim team quite proud!

See, I told you she changed a lot! Now, for celebrations and activities! 

We celebrated our first Father's Day with Kate! In true parents-of-a-baby fashion, we picked up burgers from the drive through at Beck's and ate lunch at home. 

Kate, my mom, and I took a little road trip to Burleson to see my grandparents. Kate was around a dog for the first time and couldn't get enough of little Suzie. It was fun to visit with family. 

 (Kate with her cousin, great grandma, and their other dog Honey... whom Kate required a bit more protection from!) 

(Kate with her great grandpa)

And of course, we celebrated Kate's first Fourth of July! We started the day with my parent's neighborhood parade and had burgers and homemade ice cream. We spend the afternoon at a birthday party for our friend Jackson, who was turning one! It was her first birthday party to attend! No fireworks for us this year and I honestly didn't even miss them because by the end of the day I realized that I was in fact sick and not just feeling tired. (So I'm truly sorry if I exposed anyone at your party, Amanda!) It's not a holiday for the Jesch's without one of us not feeling well! 

I won't get into all the sickness other than say that it's been such a miserable past couple of weeks that I actually put my natural cleaning products aside and lysol-ed the whole apartment. We are just about finished with it.... I PRAY anyways! 

It all happens so fast. I was holding Kate the other day and realized that she is triple the size she was when I held her for the first time. She's brought, brings, and will bring so much joy into our life. 
Our sweet baby girl.