Monday, December 15, 2014

Life with Kate~ Kate is 3 months old!

Sweet Kate is 3 months old! 
She is getting chunkier and oh my goodness is it cute. (I can't say the same about myself!) She still has her blue eyes and long blond hair, though I do think her hair might have a tent of red in it. She's talking in her sweet baby language a little more every week, smiles bigger, and is on her way to laughter. She loves eskimo kisses, and when we blow on her tummy! 

She's playing with toys on her activity gym, but so far those are the only toys that peak her interest. She is letting me read longer books to her, which is a lot of fun this time of the year because I have so many wonderful Christmas books. She loves looking at the pictures. 

Bath time is still her favorite time of all! 

She is enjoying play time on her back a little bit more, and she is getting back into her tummy time. She is pushing up a little bit more this month. 
I think what excites us the most right now is how much sleep she's been letting us have lately. She's been sleeping a good 7-9 hours every night! 
I know this won't last forever, but we are so grateful for it while we've got it. 

Here are some of the month's highlights! 

Kate started things out with her 2 month Well Child Visit, which included an exam and of course... vaccinations. She handled it all like a champ. We were so proud of her and thankful to the Lord!!!

Kate had her first Thanksgiving! I wish I could say it was so much fun and we did all these fun things, but Blake and I had horrible colds and were sick leading up to Thanksgiving and the whole week after. I actually got an ear infection myself! It's definitely challenging to care for a baby when you feel bad, but thankfully Kate stayed well! 

My grandparents came into town for Thanksgiving though and that was so special! Kate got to meet them for the first time. 


Kate has still been really good during church. This picture is from a Sunday where she wore one of my dresses from when I was a baby. She has however started to get a little more active. She is usually good through worship service, but class is harder. I wasn't sure what to do because I knew our church nursery was very crowded and so I was nervous to take her in there. So I prayed about it on Saturday evening, and then that following Sunday morning there was an article in the bulletin about a new cradle roll class for the little babies under 7 months- and I knew 3 of the ladies who were in charge of the class this quarter. My heart rejoiced!! We went into the class and Kate loved it! I know that it shouldn't be a problem if I want to leave her in there now, and I just feel so blessed! 

And of course.... it's Christmas time! It took awhile, but Blake and I finally got around to decorating for Christmas. It's a lot different decorating when you have a baby! I'm thankful to have a husband who loves it as much as I do. 

We went to Lunch With Santa at our church and Kate got her picture taken. She had no clue! I have a feeling she'll have more of an opinion on this next year because all of the 1 year olds were crying! 

Now... promise not to make fun of me on this next one! I wanted us to have a little Christmas morning of just the 3 of us and our own tree and last Saturday was the only morning we'll have together that can be relaxed before the New Year. We had so much fun! On Friday night I made steaks for Blake and we took Kate out and looked at lights. We read her the story of Jesus's birth before bedtime. Then in the morning we opened up our presents and made waffles! We watched Disney's Christmas Carol (with Jim Carry) and then headed over to my parent's house for more fun! 

It was fun having my brother home! 

 We drove out to West Houston Church of Christ to go through their Celebrate Jesus hayride. They had different scenes set up acting out different parts of Jesus' life- starting from his birth and ending with his ascension into Heaven. It was a lot of fun- and apparently a very popular place to be. We waited around an hour in line... and the line to drive through in your car was even longer! Kate handled it like a champ though. 

 We also visited my parent's church this past weekend. It was fun for Kate to meet all of our Westbury family! "Uncle Calvin" held Kate for children's time. 

And last but not least.... Kate begins her fourth month with another doctor visit! She was so cranky last night so I took her in to see the doctor this morning, turns out our poor girl has an ear infection! She's got her medicine now so hopefully it will only get better from here! Her usual pediatrician was out today so she got to see my old pediatrician, Dr. Kline. 
It was fun to see him again- he's still going strong! 

It's been quite a month, with many new experiences! Difficult and yet incredible at the same time! We love our baby girl!