Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Let's just start over...

I haven't written in a while, and to be honest I've missed it! I suppose I've felt that I haven't had much interesting to share. With a new job, new apartment, and a never ending allergy/ sinus attack... I've neglected my personal interests.

I'm sure that everyone knew it would happen.... that I'd gain weight. After all of the fattening foods I've been cooking it's no wonder that I'm practically back to where I began before I lost any weight. But I promise... it isn't the food I've been cooking! It's my portion control, my snacking, and my lack of exercise. I'm convinced it doesn't matter what you eat... it's how much of it you eat and how you balance it with the rest of your life.

I started my cooking adventures as a newly wed determined to figure out how to find the balance and so far I've yet to find success. But I will not be defeated.

So I will start fresh. I haven't tried any new recipes in a while and I miss the thrill I got from stressing my little brain planning weekly menus and thoughtfully going grocery shopping and appreciating every special ingredient I put in the basket. (I haven't even been to the farmer's market once this summer!) I miss the thrill I got from cooking from 3 different cookbooks for one meal... and learning new little pointers for cooking. So I'm going to cook again and I'm going to rededicate myself to finding a balance between cooking great food (with real ingredients) and the rest of my life.

I look forward to sharing both my weight loss achievements and my cooking creations! I'm going back to the joy of cooking... and I'm going to enjoy my amazing new apartment kitchen!

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