Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Autumn Fancies

Seriously, autumn can not get here soon enough! I know that so many people out there savor the last days of summer... not this gal. I find myself pretending it's already fall.

I've broken out the denim jacket! I don't care if it's still hot outside.... It's finally staying in the low 90's and 80's and besides, it's cool inside. I spend most of the day inside anyways.

I'm dreaming of the leaves changing.... romancing the idea of it anyways. It's not exactly Vermont around here, but we do get a little bit of color in some areas.

My taste buds are watering in anticipation for loads and loads of my mother-in-laws incredible chili recipe along with made-from-scratch cornbread. Along with roast and stews and turkey/ wild rice casserole.

Oh, and how about desserts? Pumpkin muffins, apple pies, crock pot apple sauce... oh that reminds me... pork chops and apple sauce.... pumpkin pies, CRANBERRIES!!! Oh goodness. Apple cider anyone?

Or how about Starbucks's pumpkin spiced latte? In the words of Jessie Tanner.... "HAVE MERCY"!!

I'm ready to pull out my pumpkin table runner and spiced candles. Ready to put our Pottery Barn duvet back on our bed.

I'm ready for Big Red and Dallas Cowboys football.... which means jalapeno poppers, home-made pizza sticks, veleveta cheese dip, and all those different dips I make from mixes I get at the fair.

The fair? Oh yes! The lovely Oklahoma State Fair! Where I can find my most anticipated treat... cheese-on-a-stick!

How about cooler weather? With all of this yummy food, I'll definitely be needed to take more walks/jogs. Oh that cool crisp air will feel so wonderful!

Have you noticed? Autumn is my favorite season of the year by a landslide!

Some how, everything seems so much more friendlier, cozier, and wonderful during the fall. I know we still have a few days to wait.... but I tell you what. When September gets here... wait no longer. It'll be fall in my book!

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