Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Life with Kate- 15 months

Wow! So... we are long overdue for an update on Kate! She is just a bit over 15 months now and continuing to grow and discover every day. She weighs in at about 22 pounds and is 31" long which is around the 65% rage for both. She stays pretty healthy, but has to take a little bit of iron supplement for anemia. We also discovered some fluid in her ears at her recent check up which the doctor said might be due to allergies. So we're doing some nose spray to see if it gets better. 

She is sleeping pretty good at night these days, with an occasional night feeding. She is completely weaned from momma's milk and is drinking cow's milk, which she loves. She's eating more foods these days, but it is still hit or miss. One day she might love eggs and the next day she won't touch it... unless it is bread! She will always eat that. :)


She is walking everywhere these days and is so excited by it. She is starting to get more of an opinion about where she walks and doesn't always like to hold our finger. I suppose she has a little bit of her momma in her! ;) She hasn't said her first word yet, but she is very close! In the mean time she has her own little language and loves to jibber away. Her favorite toy right now is momma and daddy, and as to be expected she loves our undivided attention. She still enjoys looking at books, but they don't occupy her as much since she is learning so many other things. She loves pushing her walker and playing with her little people toys. She is also forming an attachment with her lovie. She is talking it with her more and goes looking for it more often now. It's so cute to see her hug her lovie! She will also clap her hands, wave, and blow kisses. 


She also LOVES Daniel Tiger! Daniel Tiger is a really cute show on PBS based off of Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood. There is lots of singing, which is what Kate loves the most. We try not to let her have too much screen time, but occasionally a short episode of DT saves the day! 


A lot has happened in these last 3 months with all of the festivities of fall! We started with a hair cut. She really needed it, but it got cut too short and I had a slight moment of panic. Of course we have plenty of bows and pink, lest people forget she's a girl! It's grown out now and looks cute- of course time for another trim!!


For Halloween she was the cutest pumpkin I've ever seen! We had fun trick-or-treating at MiMi and Gramp's house and then going to G.L.O.W. Night at church the next day.  

We took a weekend trip to OKC in early November to visit our family there. We brought Kate to the OC campus to see Uncle Jake and it was fun walking around and seeing the changes and new faces. She was loved on by her Aunt Janine and Uncle John and the Friend Family--- oh boy was that fun! On our way home we stopped and saw our Aunt Mary in Dallas and Kate got to try on a very special dress that was Aunt Mary's when she was a baby! 

And THEN we had Thanksgiving, and we made another drive to Oklahoma to see Blake's parents in Bartlesville. We got to see my grandparents in Burleson (along with some other family!) along the way which was a treat. Our lovely Grandma Genie was at Blake's parent's house for Thanksgiving and it was a lot of fun to be together! She had plenty of attention on that trip! 

The past few weeks we've enjoyed getting into the Christmas spirit! We had Christmas service at church, and Kate dressed up as a little lamb for the children's message. We've gone to look at lights and sang Jingle Bells 100 times! It's also apparent that between hand-me-downs, MiMi, and my own shopping we have more Christmas dresses than we can wear, so we will be wearing them into Valentine's Day I'm sure. But can a little girl really have too many cute dresses? Nah!

Life is busy-busy with our little princess, but we wouldn't have it any other way. Some days are harder than others, but the Lord is good and gracious and gives us what we need to make it. I'm constantly amazed at how I can be so worn out but when I see her sweet grin I'm overcome with joy. What a treasure to know that God has that same love for me. 

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