Friday, September 24, 2010

a response to change

Stability. It's something I've always sought. Change has never been something I've adapted well to. I roll my eyes at updating apps on my iphone and there is nothing more annoying than computer pop ups telling me to update windows or itunes. When the weather changes I get sick and when the AC turns on and off I go from extremely cold to extremely hot. I dread my heart beat changing when I exercise and my favorite bed sheets will always be my Laura Ashly ones from the first grade.

Despite my fear of change, I know that change will usually bring good things. There are some exceptions to this though. For example, when furniture companies began to use shredded up "wood" instead of oak. That was a bad change. But for the most part change can bring about good.

When I was in high school I faced a very difficult change right after my freshman year. I left a school where I had an established identity and friends to a place where I knew no one. I remember lunch time during my first day. I talked on my cell phone to an old friend the entire time because I didn't want to meet anyone. I was so sad, but I found comfort in a song. I often visited a music teacher at my previous school. He knew how I felt and he helped me find peace by playing either his piano or guitar and leading me in praise songs. Those times melted away all of my fears of my new change. But one song in particular stood out, "When I Call on Jesus" by Nicole Mullen.

I'm happy to say I worked through my fears and made some good friends the remainder of my high school years. I never would have though, if I hadn't found peace in my Lord.

Change has struck through all of my years in college. Though a lot of it good, it's still not always easy. Time after time God leads me to the song. The song that helps me find peace.

I've recently been dealing with the stress of change. Change in how often I see and hang out with my friends, finding a new church home, wondering about my future and after graduation. It's taken in toll on me for sure. I waited to too long to call on my God to help me.

When I finally did, he brought me comfort and peace. He made me glad.

This past week I've been very happy. I know that's my God hearing me and comforting me. This song came to my mind once again and made me remember how great is the Father. He has always brought me out of my struggles with change... but I had to call on Him first.

So whatever your struggles might be, remember to call on Jesus. When you do, all things are possible.

Here is a link to the music video for my "go to song" for comfort. You'll have to ignore her 90's wardrobe and the cheesiness of the whole thing. It's really a good song.

I'm so very ordinary

Nothing special on my own
I have never walked on water
I have never calmed a storm
Sometimes I'm hiding away
from the madness around me
Like a child who's afraid of the dark

But when I call on Jesus
All things are possible
I can mount on wings like eagles and soar
When I call on Jesus
Mountains are gonna fall
'Cause He'll move heaven
and earth to come rescue me when I call

Weary brother
Broken daughter
Widowed, widowed lover
You're not alone
If you're tired and
scared of the madness around you
If you can't find the strength to carry on


Call Him in the mornin'
In the afternoon time
Late in the evenin'
He'll be there
When your heart is broken
And you feel discouraged
You can just remember that He said
He'll be there

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