Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Pot

I enjoyed a fabulous weekend in Houston. Lots of cooking, laughing, and enjoying each other. Blake wasn't able to come with me though and was doomed to a weekend of bachelorhood... which I think he somewhat enjoyed. What guy wouldn't love keeping the TV on ESPN all weekend long and eating velveta dip.

That's right... velveta dip. Call it what you want... Blake calls it Rotel dip. But no matter what you call it the velveta is what distinguishes it from all other. It is also what makes the mess to clean up. Blake made a pot of the stuff and reheated it on the stove all weekend long. Ignoring that the pot would eventually have to be cleaned.

The sticky mess was glued to the bottom of the pot. On Monday afternoon I filled the pot with water and did all the other dishes.... assuming and slightly hoping Blake would wash it.

Well that didn't happen. I looked in the sink today and the pot was in the sink... however Blake had taken the water out and refilled it again.

I contemplated on what to do. Should I wash it? Should I leave it for him?

I used the situation as an opportunity to make our marriage holy. Part of having a holy marriage is doing things for each other that we might not want to do all of the time. (Or so I've been taught) I didn't want to wash that pot... but then again Blake didn't want to leave for work this morning. Blake doesn't like having to eat hot dogs and sandwiches the last week of the month because I spent all the food money buying more natural foods. He wishes I'm sure that I was working and making more money to put in the pot. So because he allows me to stay home and be just a wife and student... letting me do all the cooking and crafty things I want to do.... I decided to wash his pot. I did it to help our marriage be a holy one.
I say all of this not to boast and say, "look at me". I say this to share a lesson I learned and put into practice. And one of my main points for this blog is for me to record my experiences as a newly wed. And that's exactly what I did!

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  1. I did clean the pot a few times.
    That was actually the 3rd pot it was in. Because i didn't like cooking "burnt" cheese over and over.

    Glad its clean!