Monday, November 1, 2010

Driving Peeves

This has nothing to do with being a wife or with cooking or with crafting.

It has everything to do with being a citizen and a driver. Can you relate to those two things? OK... good... now listen up.

There are a couple of driving rules that people forget about and when they do I loose my patience with them. I have to take deep breaths and think about Christmas music.

Always be sure you can see the tires of the car in front of you!
When people ride my tail it makes me want to drive slower not faster.... in fact it makes me want to drive in the center of both lanes really slow so that they can not pass by. (But don't worry I don't do that last thing)

When I'm stopped at red lights I like to leave a pretty good distance if I can. If someone should hit the car behind me and they hit me I would like to not hit the person in front of me, or at least not cause much damage.

Let me just say that I would like for the person behind me to be so respectful themselves. Many times they are. Many times they are not.

And when they are not... I scoot up a little bit. And then some people are rude and scoot up more... so that they are still on my tail. So I scoot up a bit more... and go figure they scoot up more. At this point I have my sunglasses off and am looking at them through my mirrors not hiding the fact that I'm annoyed with them. I scoot up a bit more... but I can't do this much more because then I'll loose too much space between the car in front of me. This just really works my nerves.

And if the person is a huge car it works my nerves even more... because I think about what that huge thing could do to my little car if they got a big hit.

Anyways... this morning there was some lady in a fancy smancy Lexus mini SUV who was doing this to me. So I decided to write about this and plead with anyone reading this to NOT drive like that. Leave some space between you and the car in front of you please!

My other biggest driving peeve is when people don't know how to merge. Oh my goodness does that one drive me crazy. I'll pull my horn out on that. Or when people pass every one up to cut. That makes me mad too. If I can I'll pull out to the middle to keep people from cutting. Yes I'm one of those people.... but if you've had 2 miles of warning signs it's time to get over. I love it when the huge 18 wheelers will block so people can't cut. That just makes me smile.

But anyways.... please be a respectful driver!

What are your driving peeves?

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  1. AAHHH!!!! When people drive the dotted line on a multiple-lane road! I hate it when I pass someone and it looks like they are about to get over on me...but it turns out they are just not paying attention!!!!!!!