Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ministry Notes: Pastoral Care

As a girl studying to be a children's minister, it'd be easy to think that the term "pastoral care" might not apply to me. I'd be wrong though. I need to be able to care for myself and my family and also for the people God sends to me.

Because my daddy is a youth minister and my mom is a children's minister I've grown up with an interesting perspective on ministry. Ministry is a sacrifice before it is anything. There were so many times when I saw my family not be able to do things that other families got to do because of my parents duty to our church. Love was never one of those things I missed out on though. I believe it's of upmost importance that the minister (of any kind) making love to their family their first priority after loving God. That love is what will hold a family together through all of the ups and downs that ministry will bring into a family. That love will not always be easy to make a top priority, but I believe if it is the minister will be able to honor God and do his work better.

Next, a children's minister needs to be able to care for the families in their ministry. When a family is dealing with a rough time a children's minister needs to be able to just listen to them and pray with them. They don't have to know how to solve everything, but they do need to understand how to pray and listen.

A children's minister needs to be able to care for their volunteers and leaders. They need to offer them the support and encouragement that's needed to keep going!

Of course, I couldn't leave out the kids. A children's minister needs to be able to care for the kids in the ministry. This care can be shown by planning the best programs possible for the congregation. It can also be shown by offering a child a hug.

Pastoral care is all part of the job when one decides to be a minister. It's a part of their whole life.

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