Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ministry Notes: The Prophet

When I think of prophets, I think of Jonah. Jonah was a slow learner... which reminds me of myself and I think that's why he sticks out to me so much. God wanted him to travel to Nenivah in order to motivate change in the hearts of the people there. As kids we learn that Nenivites were mean and Jonah was scared, but it was really so much more than that. Nenivites were cruel... they did things that make interrogators in the Republican Guard look like saints. The truth was that Jonah wasn't scared of them- he hated them. He didn't want them to be saved. They didn't deserve God's grace.

Just as Jonah was a prophet, ministers are to be prophets. We are to proclaim that Jesus will return to take the believers with him to Heaven. We can't have the heart that Jonah had. We must want everyone to receive God's grace. In a land of "justice for all" it's often easy to forget about God's grace. Ultimately when my life is over I don't want justice- I want grace. God's grace will cover a multitude of sin and we must remember that as we minister to others.

Ministers must be prophets who go to everyone- good and bad- to tell them the story of Jesus and of his soon return.

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