Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ministry Notes: The Teacher

My first thought when I saw that I was supposed to write about teaching was, "isn't that the same as preaching". I gave it some thought and realized that teaching and preaching are completely different. Preaching is attempting to convict. In order for one to be teaching, someone must be learning. Teaching is a very applicable subject for ministers of all ministries.

I've sat through many many many classes where I feel as though I learned nothing. Sure, High School Chemistry and French II are the first that pop into my mind, but I also can think of many Sunday School classes where I felt the same way. Some of this might have been due to my issues with concentrating and feeling motivated, but there will be people like me in every class. To teach is to go beyond the obstacles of your students and to help them learn something new.

The minister must be able to help people learn. To simply preach is by far not enough for any standard. I think teaching is one of my favorite topics because I love bible class teaching with all my heart, and if I could, I'd be a bible class teacher every day of the week. Teaching is a significant way for ministers to touch the lives of other people and it should most definitely be taken advantage of!

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