Sunday, June 5, 2011

Road Trip Part 1: OK to WA

Blake and I recently took a very long road trip. It all began when Blake's friend (from Richland, WA) asked him to be his best man. We were so excited for him and couldn't wait to go up there and meet his bride and see Washington. Right off the bat we knew we wanted to drive. Plane tickets are awful (price) after all!

This gave us a chance to see the country- we drove through 13 states including Oklahoma and put over 5,000 miles on Blake's 95 Toyota Avalon. It was a once in a life time experience. There are absolutely NO regrets!

Blake and I watch a lot of Food Network and we love Guy's Diners Drive-Ins, and Dives. We visited lots of places we saw on his show, as well as places we heard about on other shows such as, Man Vs. Food. We had a fantastic time learning after the different types of food throughout the country.

Our trip began with 8 hours of driving in Kansas. I have no pictures to show you of this- it was awfully boring BUT we couldn't wait to see mountains in Colorado. Needless to say... Colorado was MORE boring that Kansas! We saw nothing but flat flat very flat farm land until we reached the out skirts of Denver. We only drove around Denver so we didn't see much. We ate dinner in Colorado and continued into Wyoming. We spent a very long time driving on our first day but it was worth it! We could enjoy our trip a little more leisurely now.

Wyoming was beautiful. If I had another life, I'd like to live on a ranch there. It was truly spectacular- and cold! We drove through a little "snow shower" as the locals call it. Then Utah was beautiful too! We could see the following snow capped mountains for a very long time:

Our next big highlight was Shoshone Falls in Idaho.

Next came Oregon. Ironically this picture doesn't have trees in it. There were some gorgeous views of trees but we were on crazy roads that went up and down and round and round with no turn offs for pictures. We did see a turn off for this spectacular view though.

And finally, after 3 days we reached Richland, Washington!!

We enjoyed getting to know everyone. Our hotel was right on a river and had a great park and trail. When Blake was out doing best man sort of things I enjoyed long walks. Then came Sunday (our anniversary!) which was the day of the wedding. It was lovely and everyone had a great time.

My favorite thing I ate for the first part of the trip was in the basque region on Boise Idaho. It's called Bar Gernika.

I had an amazing pork sandwich. It was just so good I can't even begin to explain it. I've never loved pork so much. I want to go back to Boise so that I can have that sandwich.

Stay tuned for "Road Trip Part 2: Seattle"!

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