Wednesday, September 7, 2011

what a month

As I was laying in bed tonight my brain began to wander. Got lots on the mind.... I still need to get a birthday card for Blake (who's birthday is tomorrow), I never laminated my seating charts today like I planned on, I never turned off the laminator so I hope someone did, I really like my new Wednesday night bible class, I've gained too much weight, my tea burned my tongue. Anyways.... I decided to get up.

I still can't believe it's September. So much has happened to me in the past month. We moved, I quit my job, found a new one, and started it, we've found a church home and we've got new furniture being delivered in a couple of weeks! Lots of changes. Lots of big changes....

Ok the furniture not so much... although I can't stop dreaming about how this will be our dinning table where we eat our holiday meals years and years to come... and where we'll eat with kids we might some day have.... and where I'll serve many new dishes I learn to make. Where I'll host Sunday dinners for other church members.... can you tell I'm a dreamer?

Anyways with all of this change, I've been able to accomplish the one goal I made for the new year that I didn't think I'd actually find. It was PEACE. My goal was to find peace with myself. That is exactly what I've done this past month. Even though I might not be at peace with my weight and my ability to maintain goals.... I'm at peace with my relationship with God and I'm at peace with my inner being. I'm at peace with the fact that I'm not a children's minister, and that I'm in a job that isn't centered around my degree. It was only through all of my struggles that I was able to find peace. God sure does work in mysterious ways.

One thing I do know is that God is awesome. My God has given me the ability to dream  I dream of everything I want to be- of who God might want me to be. One of my favorite things to do is to just sit and think.... not do anything but think. It's my thinking that's brought me to where I am today. My wild brain... overly emotional, sensitive thinking. God knows exactly what I need. I thank Him for the changes he's given me this past month, and I'm thankful for the peace he's brought my way.

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