Saturday, September 3, 2011

Well folks.... here is the deal. I should not blog about my goals.... it clearly brings me bad luck and does not not work for me mentally. I was doing wonderful with my goal before I shared it with people. Something about sharing goals with people puts pressure on me.... and when I face pressure I just back away. For example... in high school... and in college.... when finals rolled around.... I didn't study.... because I felt too pressured. When I feel pressured I simply walk away. It's not a trait I'm particularly proud of.... it's just something I've noticed about myself and I'm learning to deal with. So I'm not going to add pressure onto my health goals... because it doesn't give me the results I want.

Basically I only exercised 20 min on Thursday... I didn't do it yesterday... and today it didn't happen. This is what happens when I tell people about my goals. I do much better when I keep my mouth shut.

So I won't be sharing my goals anymore... it simply doesn't help! I just share with you my results.... which will hopefully be good!

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