Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Well I've made a goal this week. To walk for one hour every evening this week. (On the treadmill of course) I love that our fitness room has individual TVs (with cable) attached to every machine. So far, I've made it 3 days. I hope that next week I will be able to tell you that I did it every day! I've also been trying to drink a cup of tea every evening.... which is super easy to do when I've got my yummy orange cinnamon tea from Seattle.... I might have to order some more!

Next week I'm going to add another goal into my life. Oatmeal for breakfast! That's a hard one for me! I love breakfast food.... LOVE LOVE LOVE it! And I love it for breakfast time the best :) It is my favorite meal to eat of the day.... when I wake up breakfast is what gets me out of bed. I've got some amazing oatmeal though that has dried apples and flax seed and is just really yummy and I need to eat it up. So next week that's my goal... and trust me I don't plan to keep that one forever but I would like to get in the habit of eating healthier breakfast.... rather than an indulgent one.

So hopefully next week I can tell you that my one hour walk go is going well and that I've started my oatmeal goal strong.

Goals are good.... they give me focus. I've never been that great at keeping them. I figure if I make them short term, realistic, and have accountability I'll succeed!

That's what's going on with me!

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