Tuesday, October 18, 2011

a little bit of difference in my life

I think it's interesting how different God designs his children. We express ourselves differently, we think differently, we react differently, our abilities are different, our instincts are different. Face it- we are just so different! 

I see this a lot in me and Blake. Don't get me wrong, we have plenty alike.... but it feels like the differences are often what's most apparent. And I love our differences... through at times it can make things challenging... in the end it keeps us balanced. It always makes things interesting to say the least. Here are some of the things I notice the most. 

- He likes pizza more than any food in the world and could eat it every day. When I think of that I think of my throat exploding from acid reflux. I'd much rather have ice cream every day! (Savory vs. sweet)

- He likes things done in a timely fashion and does them in a timely fashion. I think the word for that would be punctual... am I right? Well as much as I like the idea of things done in a timely fashion.... I don't carry it out. I am my father's daughter. For example..... it took me over a month to take my car title into the car agency to get it transferred to my name and registered in Oklahoma. Blake would have had that done the day after he received the title. 

- Blake thinks dishes should be done right after dinner. I realize this is what many people think... but for some reason it's the last thing I want to do. I'd rather get back to it. I will be teaching my kids how to do dishes from a very early age. I don't like them. 

- Blake likes dirty dishes to go on the counter.... I like them to go in the sink.... if there are dirty dishes in the sink he will request I take care of them so that he can do the rest. It's funny. (Of course the logical person would say... hey they go in the dishwasher!) Why do we have such differences! 

- He is very private. I.... as you might have guessed... am not! I can't keep anything in to save my life. Don't worry friends... I've never kept any big secrets inside. I'm the worst secret keeper ever. But it's also that I have this need inside of me to share what's going on in my mind and if I don't then I can't sleep or focus on anything else. It's like a kid who needs his recess time to run out his energy. I need talking time to get out everything on my mind. (I actually have always thought it'd be fun to have a therapist just so I had someone who HAD to listen to everything on my mind) Blake on the other hand only tells when it needs to be told. I need him in my life to keep from spilling my every thought (which are not always good ones!) to everyone! 

- Blake underestimates.... I over estimate. This goes for time, money, whatever. For example he thought we could move apartments across town in a couple of hours. I thought it would take like the entire day. We were both wrong! Or I might say it takes an hour to get somewhere, he says 30 minutes... in reality it's 45. We need each other!

-Blake likes PC and I like Mac. Enough said. Don't even get me started on this one. We feel VERY strongly about our sides and a casual convo can quickly turn ugly! 

-Blake likes to deal with things (or talk about things) the next day.... or plan a time to deal with them. Not me! I've got to deal with it right then when it happens. Even if it's 11pm... or 2 am! If I don't, I can think of nothing else! Oh boy!

-Blake shops with a plan of action.... I prefer to browse. Even though I take my list into the grocery store I must look down every row. I have to look at everything in the store... every week. (But for real.... if I go to the store looking for a certain style shirt... I won't be able to find it... I will however be able to find a cute pair of shoes on sale... that's how it works for me!)

Through all of our differences (and there are plenty more) I'm so glad we share our love for the Lord, our love for each other,  and our love for ROAD TRIPS, Food Network, House Hunters, NON beach vacations, conservative politics, quality food, and cozy holidays. There are so many times when I think, "oh my goodness I'm so glad I'm with you because I don't think anyone else would agree with me on this... or understand why I want this". Even though there are so many times I feel like we are not "getting" each other.... I know we really do understand each other in the end. 

It's funny being married and the things that you learn. It's only been 17 months of marriage, but I've learned a great deal! One of those things I've learned is "Find the things you do have in common and save them for a grumpy day! Meaning.... when those differences get frustrating (and they certainly do)... remember the similarities and focus on them instead! 

I hope this didn't bore you to sleep.... if anyone actually read this! If ya did thanks for hanging in there with me! 


  1. Zach and I have sooo many differences too. I think it's what pulls us even closer together though. If we had to many similarities, I am pretty sure we would be bored of one another pretty quickly. I love the one about the grocery store! Every time we go to the store, Zach always tells me, "Now we are getting just this and this and then we are out of here, got it?" And of course I say, "okay". BUT, it never works. I still find something else to walk out with rather than what's just on my list. Oops! o.O LOL

  2. Haha! I would say it's a guy girl thing but it isn't! My mother-in-law is exactly like my husband! Haha Blake and I basically can't go shopping together! We get frustrated!