Thursday, November 17, 2011

the thing about mornings

I'm going to make a confession. I'm not a morning person.

I have oh so many horrible memories of being woken up growing up. Like my daddy coming in singing "It's time to get up" to the tune of "The Adam's Family"... or my daddy taking off my blankets and tickling me until I just about went into cardiac arrest..... and of course the all popular phrase "WAKEY WAKEY"! But I don't have him around to wake me up these days.

I'm currently working 11:00- 5:30. With no important obligations (Unless you consider chores important and I don't when I'm sleeping!) it's super easy to sleep until 9:45. I know.... that's awful. I am trying REALLY REALLY hard to not sleep in that late though.

Here is what happens:
Alarm is set for 7
I snooze for an hour
I check all of my e-mails on my phone (still in bed)
I check all Facebook statuses on my phone (still in bed)
I think to myself.... come on Kristin.... you need to get up.
I think about what I need to do.
I think to myself.... come on Kristin.... you need to get up.
Then I look at my e-mail one more time..... you know.... to make sure nothing new happened.
Then I think to myself... KRISTIN GET UP!
Then I get up.
Then I'm all stiff cause I guess I don't sleep in a good position or something.
So I go sit on the couch and get on my computer.

Now, I do a bit better when I have something specific going on. Or on Saturdays and Sundays when Blake sleeps late.... I tend to wake up early naturally. But when he isn't here..... I could sleep ALL day.

I really hope that I can get better at this whole waking up thing. I've never in my life been good at it though so I'm not so sure.

A girl can dream though!

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