Friday, July 27, 2012

Chore Organization

This is a post that will more than likely make you laugh at me. You may even think I'm crazy. Or you might think I'm a little too overly optimistic. You might  think I'm a control freak and feel very sorry my husband. Either way I'm sharing this with you!

So, back in the day, you know.... a very long time ago... a whole TWO YEARS ago Blake and I got married. I worked full time that summer as a nanny when Blake worked full time as an IT guy at Sonic Headquarters. I was so optimistic at my ability to be "Sally Homemaker" that I willingly attempted to do all the chores. Let me say that I wasn't very good at it.... but never-the-less I tried. Then classes started and as Blake continued to work and do classes, I only worked a couple of hours and so I tried to more of the chores. Then last summer happened.

Yuck. I shutter thinking about last summer. I worked full time at the YMCA day care where it was SO HOT that we were stuck in a little room all day! (So glad I don't do that anymore!) Anyways, chores just didn't happen that summer. It was always a mess, plus we moved during that summer.

Then I got a wonderful part time job at an amazing Christian school just 5 minutes from home. So I attempted to do as many chores as possible.

This year will be different. I have a different position at the amazing Christian school and I will be working full time. Realizing that having a clean and well kept apartment makes me a more happy person, Blake wanted to help me out more. Blake has always been willing to help more, but I sorta felt bad when he was working more than I was. So anyways, we set out to sort the responsibilities and make a schedule. So let me introduce you to command central!

This is my life. It's were my calendar, menu planner, and now our chore chart can be seen at a glance. (Did you catch that? Chore chart. Yup... I'm that girl. I make chore charts. Call me a daughter after her own mother's heart. I make charts. I suppose I should have been a kindergarden teacher.)

So here you can see our regular, daily chores. The laundry responsibilities have been sorted. Blake perfers to do laundry on weekends- I hate doing it on weekends. So he'll do his then, I've put mine on week days. I also gave him Thursday and Friday to be responsible for dinner. I don't care what we eat on those days- I just don't want to be responsible for it! But I will clean up on those days. (KCP is kitchen clean up). He's taking the bed making, I'm taking the clutter control. Also, he's doing trash, but I'm doing grocery shopping. 

We also have A week and B week chores. So every other week is A week.. you get where I'm going right? This was something that the man I used to clean for did, and I liked the idea. Notice the bathroom does get cleaned every week, we jut take turns doing it. I really think we did a great job of organizing the responsibilities. It really is pretty evenly distributed. 

Yes, I have high hopes for our new schedule. We start next week. Sure, there might have to be some adjustments, but I'm excited! 

And just for kicks, here is my weekly menu sheet. (Not a lot of cooking going on this week as you can see!) I get it online- and I LOVE it! Click HERE to get it yourself! And because I'm even more crazy I do my actual grocery list in a Excel spread but this helps me write out my needs as I'm writing my menu. Click HERE if you want to see that template. It's pretty great!
Anyways... has your opinion of me changed after reading this? Have you laughed at me at said, "Oh you crazy girl, you're obviously a new-be at this stuff!"? 

I'm just doing what I can to make the best out my "charming life"!


  1. I think this is a wonderful idea! I wish my husband had a set schedule where I could do this. I love it and might even think of a way to do it myself. :) I hope it works out for you.

  2. I love schedules like this too, but have trouble sticking to them. (: Meal planning though is essential, I'm always tweaking how I do that, usually something new each fall/spring. You'll have to up your sweeping chore once you have children, I think I sweep three times a day!! (: