Sunday, July 8, 2012

why I'm happy to live in 2012

I'm about to get opinionated. I'm giving the warning now!

I absolutely love my country. The United States of America is without a doubt one of the greatest places on this Earth to grow up- I'd even say THE greatest! I love this wonderful land!

It was great is 1776, it was great in 1900, it was great in 1950... and guess what... it's STILL great!

In bible class today I was really offended when our teacher put the 1930's and 1940's up on a pedestal, and condemned our society today. The thing is... I hear this talk a lot. So much that I just about can't take it anymore. Actually, I can't stand it no more!

Yes, I understand that half the country wants to support principles that go against the God's law, but that is nothing new. So let's put the negative thoughts aside, and focus on a couple of positive things. (Now, I know the negative things are STILL very important. I just get so sad when people don't see the accomplishments that have been made in the past few decades!)

- Back in those so called, "good-old-days", women and children were abused, and molested and there was no one to defend them. There were no awareness and protection programs. These things were hidden. That sounds horrible! I'm SO glad I don't live in a word like that!

- Back in those so called, "good-old-days", abortions still happened. It was such a shame for a teenager to get pregnant that lots of babies were aborted. Plus it happened against the will of the girl many times.

- Back in those so called, "good-old-days", there was horrible racism! People literally thought that people of different races should be of different societal classes. If you were not white, you were treated like a criminal. I cannot imagine living in a world like that. To think that sort of thought was so heavily distributed around my country- even in the churches- makes me shutter. When I look on our history, I'm so ashamed to read about that. It still exists today, even in some of our churches, but SO much of that has gone away. Our laws have been adjusted so that we have equal rights with our neighbors of different colors. This is a HUGE improvement from those "good-ol-days"!

- Our world view has broadened thanks to the world-wide-web! We can assist other countries who are in awful conditions. What a blessing! We can hear about issues such as human trafficking, child soldiers, and malaria.... and we can do something about it. We can do something about it in an extent that we've never been able to do before. How great is that!

-Women's rights! I'm no activist or anything, but when I think about the lack of rights women used to have, I'm so thankful to live in 2012! That's all I will say on that issue.

- Technology! Not only can we have instant (and often FREE) connections to other sides of the world, but we can talk with people on "face time" and skype... we can communicate with family and friends like never before! Yet another advantage to 2012!

-There is help for people that need it. Say what you will about social services. At the end of the day, if there is a child who has irresponsible parents, or maybe they are immigrants trying there best to make a better life for their kids... I want that child to have something to eat. I don't want children to starve. The fact that we have programs (both federally funded, and charity based) makes me feel a little bit better. It's something to be proud of.

Look, I know our nation isn't perfect. I know the the leadership (from all parties sometimes!) seems grim, dishonest, and unconstitutional. I know we've gone far away from the morals our country was formed on. But there is still good. Our nation is not "in the sink hole"... or "going down the drain"!

We have had so much good progression, and I really am sad for people that can't see that. Yes, there is lots of room for improvement. I desperately want to see our country go back to it's fundamental roots, but I don't want to forget about the positive improvements that have been made!

You see, I just had to share this. I just had to share some positive perspective. I can't live in an ocean of negative- that just brings everything down!

Sin has always been around. There is nothing new. It happened in those olden days too... people just didn't talk about it. Doesn't mean it was better. This world is not our home! We're just passing through! Heaven is our home!

So please, I'm begging you! In the midst of election season, where things always seem to get negative... please recognize some of the good change. Be thankful for it! And pray for the ways we can get better.


  1. You're right chicka! It's just like people talking about the "end of times". People have been saying that for years now and now all the sudden it's going to happen. We won't know the hour or time of day. People amaze me when they think they know when God is truly the only one that knows. I think there is good is this country too, although I wish people would stand their grounds a little more, but I see where you are coming from with us needing more positive. You're right! I never thought of it this way.

  2. Wish there was a "like" button! I love what you said! Yes, I think people, especially Christians need to stand their grounds a little bit better. However when that was done in the past, I think it was often done in unloving and condemning ways. I think the church is slowly getting better about letting God be the judge of people. So I don't think we need to go back to the way it was before, rather we need to find new ways to be better than we've ever been!