Friday, June 11, 2010

Lesson from my working mom

Before you read: Spelling and grammar are a weakness of mine, please try to ignore errors!

As I sit here on the couch I'm looking around at our new apartment. It feels a lot like home now, which is crazy. Here I am, a wife. I'm still in the phase of "Wow! This is really happening to me!". It seems like at any moment I'll wake up and it won't be true, but it is and that is such a comforting feeling. I thought a lot about being a wife before I was married. One time I tried to write down every description the bible has for a wife. (I didn't get it all in case you were wondering). Something that stuck out to me is that all of the women who were described as good wives worked hard for their husbands and for their family. I know a lot of good wives. Some of them go to work outside the home, some have work they do at home. Some have made major sacrifices in order to not have additional jobs, some are blessed with financial stability so that they might live comfortably on their husband's earnings. Either way, all of these women work hard and give all the love and service they can to their families.

Ideally, I'd love to be a stay at home wife some day. (Will not say the M word right now) I love that traditional life style, and I know many working wives and mothers feel the same. My mom has worked outside our home my whole life, and I've learned a lot from her. She was a great mom to me, and though I gave her many rough times through some particular years I love her so much. I'm very thankful for all she has done for me, she went to work for me, and for my daddy. She woke up when it was still dark outside and kept her lamp from burning empty at night as the psalm would say. She still does this. And I know many daughters can say this of their mothers as well.

I wanted to write my first post in respect to my mom. I started this blog to help keep record of my beginnings as a new wife. Also to help keep in touch with my family. I'm an idealist in many ways, and I love looking at my life as an empty scrapbook right now- but I don't want to loose sight of the value I hold on my childhood. I had a wonderful childhood, with a loving mom and daddy, who have sacrificed for me to no end. They taught that there is always time to do anything you want to do, anything you have to do, and anything you are needed to do. And I love them for that.

I was awakened from my blissful couple weeks of wife with limited working hours by the reality of full time job this week, and though I knew it was coming, it still was difficult. So as I sit here and remember the lesson I learned from my mom and daddy I'm encouraged and motivated to make the best of every hour in my day and every day in my week. I know that I can find the time to do anything I want to do, even if 8:30-5:00 is taken. And Blake is there for me in every way, and loves me just the same.

So as I think about this new scrapbook I'm beginning, I know that I'm ready to handle the fact that I can be a good wife and go to work. Thank you to all of the good wives and moms out there who have shown this to me.

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  1. Kristin,
    I know God will give you the strength you need to do whatever is necessary to take care of your family. I'm also sure that you will use whatever opportunities you have to bring glory to Him.
    Thank you for your sweet words to me. I went to the zoo with some young families from church on Friday. Dad and Jake were still out of town. I went to bed with a heavy heart because my time of going to the zoo with my little kids was gone. When I woke up, I saw your post. The picture shows us sitting in the exact spot I was in when my heart started hurting the night before. I could hear the comforting voice of the Lord in that picture! I'm so happy for your relationship with Blake. I know God is going to do great things through your lives and your marriage!
    I love you, Mom