Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Time To Live

Blake and I traveled to Chatman, Kansas this past weekend to celebrate the life of Mary Lou Jesch, Blake's grandmother. I was gifted the privilege of meeting her in January of this year, sadly that was my only visit with her. She was a sweet woman, the 3 of us talked for hours, listening to her stories and looking at pictures. I had such a fun time learning about my new family and their history. I'm so thankful for that short time with her.

Mary Lou suffered a massive stroke a couple of weeks ago. She lived alone, and so it took some time before she could be taken to the hospital. Thankfully she was not in pain for too long before the Lord brought her peace. I knew it was a sad time for her children and her grandchildren. At the funeral service I was able to observe the sadness in her friends, neighbors, and church family. It's always hard to watch others mourn someone they were rather close to, and my heart broke for them. Many people had stories to share about Mary Lou as we visited, and I enjoyed listening to them.

On our way to Kansas my mother informed me that our next door neighbor passed away from a heart attack. She was such a sweet women, and my heart grieved for her husband. My mother went to her memorial service and shared with me some of the stories. Once again, it's nice to hear those sort of things.

Times likes these often cause me to reflect on my own life and ponder what sort of legacy will I leave behind. Life on Earth can be cut off so instantly, am I prepared? There is a country song that talks about going sky diving and rocky mountain climbing, and other exciting things, but most importantly, live like you are dying. I couldn't agree more. Only, not so much in a do all the things you could ever want to do way, but serving God the way you would if you knew He was coming soon.

I want to leave behind the legacy of being a faithful wife to Blake and a loving friend to all I know. I want to have the heart of a servant. I want a life that honors my Lord and savior. I might not know exactly what God has in store for me, but I want to make right now count too. I want to live like I'm dying.

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