Monday, June 28, 2010

The Veggie of Choice... Creamed Corn!

After dinner....

Fresh out of the oven..... YUM!

8 corn cobs chucked (?) and "milked" What do you actually call it.... because I don't think chucked is right!

When Blake is asked what his favorite veggie is he will say corn and potatoes. Though I continually argue that those don't count, I LOVE corn!!! I haven't done a whole lot with fresh corn, my daddy always did it. But PW's blog for fresh corn casserole helped me master the veggie of choice!

It was a tun of elbow grease I must say. Milking the cobs (as I call it) is quite challenging. After 8 cobs I feel some muscles coming on! But it was so worth it! As you can see, my husband LOVED it! I actually had to ask him to not eat it all so that there would be some for tomorrow!

It was amazing! Can't wait to do it again.... though I might need to stretch my arms beforehand!

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