Tuesday, July 13, 2010

nothing like mac & cheese

Maybe I blog a little too much, but I have been trying to limit myself to once a week. I'm not making my limit this week though. I'm just to excited to share tonight's dinner with whomever might look at this! Today was a busy day of being a nanny. I took the boys to Edmond's little "water park" (as they call it) and there is just something about swimming that is exhausting! But I got straight home and cleaned up, started the laundry and by 5:45 I was ready to begin this meal. It was finished around 7:30, because I always do stuff slowly. We were very hungry and I was ready to sit!

So let me tell you about this yummy meal! I got a new cookbook from Williams Sonoma called "Family Meals". I love it! It talks all about using natural ingredients and puts it in terms that you could make the meal with your family. It will be so much fun many many many days and years from now when we have kids. But I love it now too : ) I made mac and cheese, oven fried chicken fingers, and fresh green beans! Sounds like a simple easy meal, and maybe after I make this enough times it will be. But let me just say, this is way better quality mac and cheese and chicken fingers than I've ever had before! Worth every min. it took!

This is the amazing mac & cheese. It is made with all fresh and natural ingredients (Except for the salt and the bay leaf). OK, I'll confess though, I didn't grate fresh nutmeg. I just don't know what else I'd use it for this week. But it was really yummy :)

I was really proud of my chicken strips because I never successfully made breaded meat before. This was incredibly easy to do, and now that I've made it once I'm sure it will be even faster next time. Took me about 30 min including prep time. They are breast tenderloin strips dipped in flour, egg whites, and bread crumbs with thyme, fresh ground pepper, salt and freshly grated parmesan. They are "fried" in EV olive oil and take about 8 min on each side at 450.

It was my first time to have fresh green beans this summer and I was really excited! I started these with a bit of EVOO and half a TB of butter. Then I added chopped onion and a couple cloves of minced garlic. Then I added some green pepper, and the green beans. I put in some chicken broth and salt and pepper and simmered it for a while. But not too long, because then they get too soggy. But they were yummy. OK, now I'll tell you how I knew how to do this... because I looked it up on google today and Pioneer woman had this recipe. But to give myself a little credit, I didn't have red pepper so I used green pepper.... that ends my creativity. Haha
Blake was really pleased with the meal. He said I outdid myself... which I thought was sweet of him to say. Funny how it's the simplest of meals that are just so darn delicious! Props to my honey tonight for helping me with the first round of dishes. It was kinda like the intermission of cooking. There were so many dishes that I had no space on the counters. He also took care of some laundry and vacuumed the floors while I cooked. I'm a lucky girl. ( :

The quote of the night is: "Kristin you use more dishes than anyone I know!" But he also said that I use a lot things a lot more than he thought I would and he was impressed. So all yall can know that I am using all those crazy things I registered for! I really do use everything! I've just about used everything I have I think.

Well that's all for tonight! Have a good one!

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