Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Spending Time Together

I've found myself unable to sleep due to a pounding pain in my jaw and ear. So I'm now sitting on the couch with my therma spa heat wrap thing around my face. I'd thought I'd share a little bit of what's going on at the Jesch home!

Blake's been doing some cooking! We watch a lot of Food Network and Blake has recently begun to get more and more inspired. He saw a thing about a grilled cheese sandwich and then he was off the to the market to buy fat big and was home with a jiggady jig. Not really... but whatever. He came home with some goods!

He used tons of dishes, and therefore can't point out my obsession any more!

His "blakewich" consisted of:
Cinnamon raison bread
pepper jack cheese
fresh jalapeno
fresh bell pepper
bacon fat (not kidding... he put it on top of the bread)
1/3 a stick of butter (no lie)

He was so proud of his creation. And it was exciting to see him happy to cook!

He also brought home my favorite chips, which I of course was unable to eat because of my wisdom teeth removal. I was drooling over them.

I've had a lot of catching up to do this week and so have been doing some fast meals that are soft enough for me to eat. I saw this idea of southern living's webpage this morning and decided to try it. I usually not a fan of refrigerated dough, but this wasn't so bad. And yes... that's pre cooked meat. I was feeling lazy and so it applied!

Anyways this was the result: BBQ Chicken Pizza. It has chicken, red bell pepper, onion, bacon, cilantro, cheddar and pepper jack cheese, and head country BBQ sauce. It was fast easy and pretty good.

I'm hoping that I'm feeling a lot better next week! Looking forward to cooking more again!

Tonight I gave Blake a hair cut. I decided to buy a fun smock because I'm the one doing the cuts so I should pick out one that makes me happy! And this one definitely does! Blake wasn't thrilled about taking a picture in it! But he did it for me :)

I've also been doing some scrapbooking...

We've also been watching some Star Trek. Blake loves it, I've of course, never watched any of it. He is really nice about watching stuff for me, so I decided to take time for one of his favorite things.

We had a fun weekend despite my wisdom teeth adventure because we were able to spend more time than usual together just taking it easy. We had 3 full days! Blake did a wonderful job seeing to my every comfort and need and I only hope I can be so kind to him when the favor needs to be returned! If you made it to this point in the blog, thanks for reading!

Remember to take it easy now and then!

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