Tuesday, August 17, 2010

family inspiration & a yummy meal

Inez Marie- Age 16

If you've ever seen the movie, Julie and Julia, then you'll understand (to some extent) the relationship between me and my Grandma Lehman. Julie was fascinated with Julia Child, not because she knew her really well, but because of what she left behind. I am fascinated with my grandma because of the legacy she left behind within her family. Julie created an image of what Julia Child was like. In her mind, she was perfect- and that is exactly how I picture my grandma. If she was or not, I do not really care. It's my mental image of her (based on what I've learned) that inspires me so much. She left behind mountains of recipes- hand written and cut outs from newspapers, food products, and magazines. She left behind pictures, handkerchiefs, quilts, some even unfinished. She left behind quality cookware that my parents still use. One of the things I am most thankful for is her love and character. She left it in her children. And I'm able to witness it in them.

She taught my daddy to cook, and my daddy inspired me to cook. The love around the freshly baked cinnamon rolls, or hot steamy tortilla soup. He likes to cook for people, and we always had a good time when he did. Which is what made me so interested.

My grandma's cinnamon rolls from last Christmas. With her fork, next to her locket. All on top of a special letter they wrote after they met my mom.

Blake and I had a very special guest over on Saturday and I wanted to cook her a good (and impressive) lunch. A bistro roast chicken, creamy garlic mashed potatoes, and I hadn't figured out the rest. I knew I needed to practice though so Monday was my day to try roast chicken and potatoes. The potatoes came out wonderful the chicken was another story. Everything was going fine except that my hands were burning from the acid in the lemon herb butter mixture I was trying to rub on. My problems began a little over half way through the roasting process when a cloud storm of steam came from the oven. Don't worry yet... I had opened the oven when this happened. I was supposed to bast the chicken with the juices. I didn't know if all the steam was normal, so I thought maybe I needed more water in the pan... so I added some. I went to sit down on the couch and a few min later I could see steam from the oven. I went to check on it and the smoke alarm went off. Oh great. So Blake ripped it off the celling and we pressed on. There was more smoke though, and the chicken wasn't cooking through. So we gave up.

As I was cleaning up, I was looking at my picture of grandma over the sink. "I wish you were here to tell me what went wrong. I wish I could have learned this whole process from you!" I thought about what she would tell me. "Kristin Marie, don't cry. Now what good does that do?"

I sat down and watched some TV with Blake, and went to work the next day. We ate hotdogs and nachos the rest of the week though. Now, as I show you what I decided to make for the special lunch please note these are not my pictures. I forgot to take some so these are scanned from my cookbooks. But the salad and dessert actually turned out much like the picture. The breadsticks... well lets just say it was good for a first round.

I decided to make a cobb salad

along with Grissini breadsticks

Gateau Basque for dessert

So on Wednesday I made the pastry cream for the dessert. On Thursday I made the Grissini. On Friday I made the Gateau Basque. On Saturday I made the salad.

Every thing turned out lovely! Our guest was Genie, who is like a grandma to Blake, his sister, and now me! I was so glad she got to visit and she even taught me a lesson. Never use fresh eggs when your going to boil them because it makes them hard to peel. (I had used fresh eggs) But now I'll always know that!

I think about my grandma a lot. Even though I didn't get to know her in the way I would have liked to, I feel like I'm getting to know her a little more every time I cook or bake.
I know this is long.... what's new! Not only do I talk too much but I write too much! Thanks for reading! Have a great week!

me & my grandma


  1. Sweet post. (:

    One of my favorite ways to make a roast chicken is http://www.ourbestbites.com/2008/05/rotisserie-chicken.html. Try it. (:

  2. love it jenny, that's a great way!