Wednesday, August 18, 2010

random cooking pictures

I have too much time on my hands right now, and that is why I'm already writing another blog. But I'm not complaining because I enjoy all of this time. I found some pictures on my camera and decided to share them with you :)

The first set of pictures are from the last time I made my lemon curd bars. I have made them several times this summer and I think I've figured out why they are so fun to make. I get to use lots of my gadgets!

My pastry blender is amazing and I love it. (My crust is really brown because I like to add lots of cinnamon & nutmeg to it.)

My little reamer is amazing too because it really gets all the juice out. But I usually have to wear gloves because the citrus burns my hands.

I like to use this little thing to help me get all the seeds out. I always seem to miss one if I don't use this.

I've also become really good at getting off zest.

I enjoy brown eggs. They just feel more rustic too me.

Also get to use one of my favorite cookbooks: Williams Sonoma Baking Book

Also get to use one of my favorite baking dishes :)

I started to buy these noodles over the summer and I think they are the best. They don't have the gritty texture found in other whole wheat noodles. They contain no preservatives and no artificial color or flavor. The only ingredient is 100% Durum whole wheat flour, which includes wheat germ and bran fiber. 6 grams of fiber per serving only 1 gram of fat and 1 gram of sugar. I can not tell you how much better this pasta is.

This is some bread I made. It was hearty and good.

These were some cinnamon sugar muffins I made that were very delicious. I'm also wearing my apron which I'm quite fond of!

Now here is a trick I learned from my dad. It's actually what I grew up doing. We always used lean meat, and it's so nice not to have so much fat to worry about. Although, I've noticed that even the lean meats seem to produce a lot of fat these days. Anyways, scoot the meat to the side and fold a paper towel in quarters. Press on the fat with your spatula. Have a trash can near by. If you are using good quality paper towels you'll only need a couple. Much easier than getting a colander out I think. But be careful because the paper towel will be hot!

Last night I made "Rosemary Focaccia". It was really pretty simple and didn't take much. Flour (unbleached of course), EVOO, warm water, 1 TB of active dry yeast, salt, sugar, fresh rosemary, and sea salt. By the way... I love my set of prep bowls. They are so great!

Here is the final product. Having a kitchen aid really helps when making bread. I'm really glad I got one for Christmas. I've used it so much already.

Now, I'd like to tell yall that we hardly ever finish eating all the stuff I make. Also, I don't sit around making fatty things all of the time. It's just that the unhealthy stuff is what's the most fun to share. And I always try to use fresh, organic (if possible), and natural (what I consider more rustic) ingredients. So it's better for you than a lot of the highly processed things seen in the freezer isle, even if there are more calories or fat. My theory is that eating healthy is all about balance. So I do focus on eating my fruits and veggies and lean protein as well. Though Paula Dean is my hero.... I don't live by her standard of herbs counting for a veggie! Just thought I would defend myself a bit, because I always talk about fatty foods! I will still admit though... the unhealthy stuff is my favorite. I think most people would agree with me on that, those people who say otherwise must be lying!

Have a great week yall!

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  1. We buy that pasta but I haven't ever seen the bow tie noodles in it! I will have to look for that! Everything looks yummy.