Thursday, February 2, 2012

My January Book Revealed!

Our trip is booked and I can now officially tell you that I've been reading
  The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World 2012!

To say I'm excited would be a huge understatement. I'm thrilled! Before I get into that, let me share with you a little about this handy book.  

This "must read if your going to WDW" book is a whopping 854 pages. It contains very meticulous details about every aspect of "the world". Something I never knew about WDW was how complex of a place it is.... and how HUGE it is. I've learned that in order to get the most for our money, and have a more enjoyable trip, we will need a detailed itinerary. And as the book says on the cover... it will help us cut our waits in line by 4 hours a day! This book talks about everything. I could go into detail but I'd be here forever. It's definitely been consuming lots of my time! So I'm going to count this as my first book of the year. 

Blake has wanted to take me to Disney World for a long time. He would have taken me for our honeymoon if I had let him. We really want to go before we have kids so that we can experience it in a different light. For me, this will be my very first time. I want you to watch this commercial from 1995.
(Click on the underlined portion) I was in Kindergarden when this came out and I've known every word to this commercial for as long as I can rememebr. It was on many of my disney movies. I feel so blessed to have the resources to go right now! 

We are taking our trip the last week of May (26th- 1st) because Blake has Memorial day off. We have park hopper tickets for 5 days! We plan on staying at the Port Orleans Riverside Resort. We've booked the important stuff... now comes the fun part! Making reservations for restaurants and planning our itinerary! Do you think it would be acceptable for me to dress up like Belle when we visit Magic Kingdom? I might need some type of intervention on how excited I am! Can't wait! 

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