Monday, February 13, 2012

Snow Day

I had a snow day today! Thankfully, the conditions were not really that bad... most of the public schools in the metro were open. We just have a great school that sees nothing wrong with using a snow day at the end of winter I guess! 

When Blake left for work in the dark of the early morning I was quite nervous for him, so I woke up and watched the news.... rather than sleep in. The traffic seemed to be moving good everywhere so that's definitely something to be thankful for! I was scared they would be showing cars sliding everywhere!!

So the first thing I did was watch Good Morning America from start to finish (7AM-9AM). I love watching GMA... and I usually watch bits and pieces of it anyways but today I was in no hurry. It was lots of fun... except over half of it was about Whitney Houston.... sorry but I'm not going to miss her... I didn't know her... and it's not like she's still contributing to the music industry... her voice was fried from drugs... and prob singing through her throat too much.  And half her songs were about marriage affairs. But I watched it.. and felt sympathy for her friends and family. 

Next I cleaned myself up and did chores for a couple of hours. I dusted everywhere, vacuumed, mopped, organized the cabinet under the bathroom sink, cleaned the shower, did lots of laundry. Then at about noon I stopped to read my bible and pray for a while. Can I just say.... it feels so nice to stop and think about God instead of my own little world. Reminds me there is so much more to life than me. 

Next I watched P.S. I Love You.... with Hilary Swank- my favorite female actress. As I watched it I ate lunch, did my nails, and made choc marshmallow cookies with frosting. 
I wanted to make them for 3 reasons: 

    1. I got to use my new cookie scoop.
    2. I got to use my new frosting bags and tips.
    3. They looked amazing and I've been craving them all week. 

I think it was by the grace of God that half of my cookies burned. I don't need all those cookies around me. Besides... Blake will prob only eat one. 

I wrote a devotional thought that hopefully will get printed in our church's monthly ladies newsletter. 

Boy... I've had quite a day! And after all this... I don't even have to cook dinner.... because we have leftover chicken spaghetti from home group last night!!!


Now I just can't wait for my boy to come home! 

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