Saturday, July 26, 2014

hospital tour- it feels so real

I'm up late tonight. I suppose today's activities gave me a surge of energy/ excitement. We toured the hospital we plan to give birth at this afternoon. (Memorial Hermann in Sugar Land on 59 and Grand Parkway- for any locals who are interested) Wow. It is definitely starting to feel real!

I'd already heard a lot of really great things about this location. It's in a suburb so it's smaller, but the staff is so friendly and personable. Another great advantage is that parking is easily accessable and FREE! That's a big deal in Houston considering my friend and I spent $8 to see our friend's new baby at the main Memorial Hermann campus in the medical center. The only con is that it's a little bit of a drive for us, but that's the part of town where my OB delivers.

There were at least 20 couples there for the tour today- we were quite the herd. Nothing like 40 people who are fixing to have a baby and have lots of questions for a very thorough tour! I have to say, the whole "labor and delivery thing" has caused me a lot of anxiety throughout this pregnancy and this tour really helped me feel better about everything. The nursing staff is very friendly and they explained when their shifts change and how they monitor the moms and babies. The rooms are HUGE! Like seriously- all 40 of us fit in the room and there was still lots of empty space. That's the standard room size too.

Something I really love about this campus is that the labor and delivery rooms are designed to be the room where you are the entire time unless you have a c-section. So you labor, deliver, and recover all in the same room. Also the mom is encouraged to remain with her baby throughout recovery and all necessary equipment is in each room to care for the baby. (And a level 2 NICU down the hall just in case.) There are a lot of amenities in the room that make it more comfortable and it's all brand new because it hasn't been open all that long.

It's been hard for me to grasp the concept that it's a good thing to be in the hospital. Even though I know it's the safest place to have a baby- hospitals are where you go when you are sick! I've only been on a maternity wing a couple of times in my life- I can count them on one hand. Otherwise, most at hospital visits I saw people who are either near death or had a near death experience and it was often emotional and traumatic! So hospitals are scary to me! But visiting the maternity wing where I plan to deliver Kate eased my nerves a lot. I even worked up the courage to peek into the operating room where c-sections are performed- just in case!

Can't believe we'll be there in just a couple of months- or even earlier!

On another note, it's been about 1 year since our lives completely turned upside down finding out about Blake's cancer. We are so thankful his surgery removed the cancer without the need for treatments, but the risk is still there for it to come back. This week we'll be getting the status from his latest CT scan and seeing what the next year holds for his follow up testing. I would like to request your prayers. Prayers that Blake will remain cancer free and that his doctor will have the wisdom to know what's best to continue to keep him healthy. We praise the Lord for his presence and the blessings he has laid on us through this time.

As I write tonight, I can't help but feel an overwhelming sensation of gratitude. For Blake's health thus far, for the sweet babe in my tummy, and for the way God has relaxed my anxieties about the birthing process. For God is with me. He is my everlasting source of help and strength. Praise Him.

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