Tuesday, July 29, 2014

quick little update on blake

I wanted to give a quick little update on Blake's appointment for anyone interested.

His blood work all came back well so that's good news! They have been watching his lymph nodes and have noticed a very small amount of growth. Usually when growth is of concern it happens a lot more rapidly so it's a good sign that what we are looking at is very small. The doctor said it's normal for some people to have some fluctuation, but because they are looking at something very specific for Blake it is something they want to watch. They also have not been watching him long enough to know if it's normal flucuation. We really won't know anything until his next CT scan toward the end of October.

I consider this to be good news! Yes, we do have something to watch out for, but the fact that every thing is very minimal helps me feel quite positive. It's always a bit disappointing when you are hoping to find out something concrete and you are told you have to wait a bit longer, but God teaches us many lessons as we wait. I'm still very happy that he did not have major growth in his lymph nodes. Also, the growth is not happening in his chest lymph nodes- which is good. That is part of the reason there is not much at stake right now. Also the fact that his blood tests (which measure cancer markers) are continuing to give good results is a wonderful reason to praise the Lord!

I wanted to have a short and simple update for you, but it took a bit more explaining! Anyways, the main take-away is that there is a bit of growth on his lymph nodes and while it might not be anything, they will be watching to see how and if it progresses. We will know more in 3 months!

Please lift up a prayer for Blake from time to time in these next weeks and ask that God would work his healing power and stop the growth! Thank you so much!

*Please note that I'm not a medically educated person. I do my best to explain these things but there is always a chance I'm butchering terms quite badly! Also I hear all of the info 2nd hand from Blake- not his doctor. You've played the game "telephone" I'm sure.... you know how that goes! I'm doing my best! ;)

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