Monday, August 4, 2014

update on the pregnant life... 30 weeks!

Hello! Hope you all had a nice weekend. We are starting out August with quite a bang. Lots of hospital classes going on this month! This week we are going to the "Prepared Childbirth" class offered by our hospital. I honestly don't know how prepared you can really be for the birthing process... but anyways... hoping to be a bit more informed when it's all over. That will be 3 nights this week. Fun times!

Also this week I have 2 different appointments- both with my endocrinologist (today) and the high risk pregnancy center (Friday).

Today's appointment went really well! I was nervous... as I always am for those. It takes me back to the first grade when I was waiting to go down to the principle's office because I'd been talking too much in class. I'm always nervous my A1C will be too high, she won't be satisfied with my sugar testing results, and she'll put me on insulin injections after a long lecture about how I need to be doing better for my Kate. Of course... it never goes that way. My A1C was fine, my thyroid was fine, my sugar results are fine, no insulin needed, keep up the good work. Don't know why I get so nervous! Maybe it's because I know about the times when I could do better so I guilt myself. Anyways... I just praise the Lord that all is well in that department!

My doctor asked me something interesting today though. It took me by surprise.
"Have you found out how long they are going to let you go yet? Week 36 or 38?"

I told her they hadn't said anything to make me think I wouldn't be able to go full term yet, which is the truth. But boy it got me thinking. I'm at 30 weeks today, and in my mind I've still got 10 weeks to prepare for parenthood. 36 weeks though.... gulp.... that's 6 weeks away.

Goes back to my earlier thought though.... how prepared can you REALLY be??!!

Anyways, I'm still holding out hope for a full term pregnancy, but obviously, I want what's best for me and Kate! I definitely might be having some questions for the high risk folks though.

We have our first baby shower coming up on Sunday at our church! So exciting! We also have a shower hosted by Westbury COC (my parent's church) the following Saturday. So I'm treating myself to a pedicure so my toes will be pretty... and truth be told... I can't bend down to my toes well enough to paint them anymore! Also time for a hair touch up and cut. My last one before Kate is born! Ahh! (But to be realistic I'll be due for another one shortly after her arrival.)

And last but not least we have one more very big thing happening this week. MY BABY BROTHER IS LEAVING FOR COLLEGE THIS WEEK!!!! This is just too much for an emotional pregnant gal! It feels like only yesterday I was the one leaving my cuddly snuggly brother behind so that I could go to school. Now he is leaving me!!! On Saturday morning they will head out to Oklahoma so he can be at OC for engineering camp! I'm so proud of him! I will miss him though. Can't wait for his fall break so he can come home! Hard to believe the next time I see him (Lord willing) Kate will be here!

That's all for now!

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