Sunday, August 31, 2014

a nursery for kate

Kate's nursery is pretty much done! There will always be more organizing to do and different decorations to add... but for now... it's at a pretty satisfying point! Since we are in an apartment and she more than likely won't even be living in this bedroom for a year I resisted painting and tried to keep things pretty simple! 

One of the biggest challenges was that her room is also our guest room. I felt a little bit guilty pushing the bed up to the wall, but if it's ever being used by 2 people, it can easily be pulled out from the wall a bit. For our every day function it will be fabulous to have it against the wall because we'll have a comfy place to lounge with our baby girl! I left the wall by the bed blank because I wanted to have a clean spot for pictures and backdrops. Hopefully this spot will work out! 

I'm super happy with our crib and dresser purchase! It was a lot of work putting it all together. The crib wasn't so bad... but that dresser... we felt like true carpenters once that was assembled! Do you see my Little Miss. Piggy on the changing pad? I've been practicing my swaddling! :) Don't mind her!  Anyways, above the dresser, I framed some of my favorite Mother Goose illustrations from my childhood MG book. It was SO hard to pick!! I had to work really hard to bring it down to 6, and then I ended up just using 4! I decided to pick pictures that looked girly, matched the room, and had close to the same size of picture. Here are some very poorly taken up close shots of them! We have: 

Polly Put the Kettle On & Mary Had A Little Lamb

BaBa Black Sheep & Mary Mary Quite Contrary 


The Mary Mary Quite Contrary illustration was sort of my inspiration for Kate's room. I knew that I loved the mossy green, blush pink, and garden look. Which was exactly what I was going for with my wedding decor! Kinda funny, but now when I go in Kate's room and dream about what it will be like to rock her, I'm also reminded of the best day of my life! :) 

My mom made this sweet little lamp with the "Pink Over The Moon Toile" fabric that was used in other places such as the crib skirt. She had also purchased the crib mobile that went along with this fabric theme, but sadly it didn't fit the crib! Talk about disappointment! She was able to exchange it for the diaper stacker in this fabric which we will probably get a lot more use out of... so crisis averted! 

Here was my one and only "crafty" project. In the end... I didn't even really do much of it! We ordered her letters already connected because I would NEVER be able to hang individual letters in a straight line! Blake painted the letters for us... and I picked the point color! I cut out circles of fabric and my mom stapled them around cork trivets. I used command picture frame sticks to hang all of this up on the wall. I'm not very crafty but I AM good at picking out ideas for other people to do for me! Haha. I saw an idea similar to this on Pinterest years ago and it was ironically with the name Kate... and that was when the charming simplicity of the name Kate first struck me. I love that here we are with our very own little Kate on the way! 

Here is the quilt that Blake's mom made. Sometimes I have the back showing, then other times I show the front. It won't stay in her crib for much longer so that doesn't really matter so much! We'll have it out and be snuggling with Kate under it soon! If we ever use the toddler rails on the crib, the quilt will be the perfect size for it too! 

I had a hard time getting a good picture of this because it's dreary outside and the light on the celling kept glaring but this is my little special prayer for Kate. 

"She is clothed in strength and dignity and can laugh at the days to come." ~ Proverbs 31:25

I don't know what mom doesn't want this for her daughter. Life will bring so many different occasions; to have the strength and dignity that comes from the spirit of Christ dwelling inside of you is the only way to make it through gracefully and happily! 

Here is my little rocking corner. The shelf has some empty frames just waiting to be filled with special pictures of Kate! Hanging are a couple of delicate and old dresses made by my Grandma Lehman. Blake's mom made the adorable cushions to go on this wooden rocking chair that was handed down to me from my mom. 

Here is the fabric up close. Are those illustrations just precious or what?!

Well, now you've seen the nursery... along with my endless commentary! I enjoyed sharing it with you! We are so excited to have a special place to bring our baby home to in few weeks! 

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  1. Beautiful! Such a precious little nest for your baby girl!!