Wednesday, August 27, 2014

update on the pregnant life... 33 weeks

33 weeks!

Today I went in for my second weekly ultra sound. It went just as well as the last one! I was a little confused before these started and I thought I'd be having weekly growth scans, but I was wrong. With the weekly exams they are checking Kate's major organs, as well as the amniotic fluid and positioning. They give a grade of 1-8, 8 being the best. This is mostly to see how well the diabetes is being managed and to make sure it is not affecting her. Both last week and today she scored an 8! Woo!!

A perfect sore! Can we hope that this will be the first of many perfect scores in her life? LOL just kidding. As someone who struggled to earn even a C... I can only dream!

That being said... next week we have another growth scan scheduled. I've been managing my sugars very well lately and I pray it's paying off! I'm hoping her percentile number goes down a bit this time.

We are getting more and more ready for our little Kate. I've started washing her things and reading more books. We are working on getting things together for our hospital bag... believe it or not... that's Blake's idea! We've taken several classes now, so we are feeling a little more prepared. I'm starting to
get some of our favorite meals in the freezer. This week it was lasagna and next week it'll be Pioneer Woman's comfort meatballs. I'm not a huge "crock pot freezer meal" person so I'm sticking with casserole type items. I don't need to have a huge amount since our church is pretty good about taking care of new moms and dads and I've got my parents who are happy to bring us food. I suppose it makes me feel better to know I've got a few meals on backup though!

I met Kate's pediatrician this week as well and I LOVED her! Just a 5 minute drive from us too. So it's a relief to have that sorted out.

Everything is just coming together really well! I don't think you can ever be fully prepared for the birth of your first child, but we've definitely come a long way!

All for now! Enjoy your Labor Day weekend! :)

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