Thursday, September 4, 2014

good news!

When you've got good news you've just got to share it!

Today we went in for a growth scan and everything was just wonderful! She was a little over 5 pounds and that put her in the 50th percentile which is completely perfect! The last scan she had been in the 78th and though it wasn't a cause for concern... it was close to being a cause for concern... which was concerning!

She was completely asleep and so they had a really hard time picking up her movements so I had to do a NST (non stress test) to see if they could pick up healthy movement, and they did. I'll have to go in for 2 of them next week just to make sure things are going well. We think part of the reason we had trouble getting her to move was because I'd woken up a lot earlier than usual for this appointment and I hadn't eaten any breakfast so our schedule was just "off".  I joked with Blake that I need to eat a donut before my next appointment! That will wake her up! :)

We were just really excited that her weight is healthy and that it doesn't appear that my gestational diabetes is having any negative effects on her right now. Thank you, Father in Heaven!

All for now!

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