Thursday, October 16, 2014

Life With Kate... One Month Old!

Kate turned one month old yesterday! What a month it has been! Here is her one month picture! 

I tried to take one without the pacifier, but I didn't get very far! 

Our Kate is usually a very content girl, but she does in fact cry! (Can't forget to document that!)
The month her triggers were gas, during diaper changes and clothing changes, hungry, getting strapped into her car seat, and wanting to be held. She was easily soothed with a brief suck of the pacifier, getting fed, and being held and cuddled. 

Kate loves her tummy time! 
 She loves to sleep and play on her tummy. I realized that I don't have a good tummy time picture of her awake from this month! That'll be a goal for next month! 

Kate also loves to play on her back with her activity gym. She doesn't spend very much time on her back though because she likes to roll around to her sides. 

All of the experts recommend babies sleep on their back but this girl doesn't seem to agree with that. 

 So she sleeps in her rock and play to keep her from turning over. She loves how city she stays in it. I love how easy it is to check on her when I'm in bed!

She finds a lot of comfort in laying on her daddy like this with her arms spread wide. 
Makes my heart smile. :) 

Kate LOVES her bath time! We have a little cup with holes on the bottom that she loves having water dripped over her through. We enjoy getting her squeaky clean! :) 

Blake is so good with her. I love watching him be her daddy. He was made to be a daddy to a daughter(s). He's gentle and so caring with her. Love. 

 Last night by brother flew home from OC for his fall break and he got to meet Kate. :)

By the way... she now fits in the pumpkin outfit I've been anticipating. I have to roll up the pant legs a bit but thats ok. 

She loves to sleep. She sleeps almost always. I hear that I shook enjoy that while it lasts so I am! I love singing to her- everything from broadway tunes, childhood favorites, and worship songs. When I'm not singing to her I'm playing music for her. Her Mimi likes to come over and cuddle with her after school and read her books. Mimi also loves to bring her books! Kate will have a massive library having my mom for her Mimi! 

Blake is constantly amazed with how she is growing and developing. She holds her head up and has a lot more control over her head now. You can really tell when she's thinking. She moves herself during tummy time. Blake made a video of this and posted it to Facebook. She's doing great! Blake also takes over morning feedings on 

Kate has come so far this month. I've come far as a mom too. I'm learning to truly embrace this new role I play and I love it. There are some hard moments, but I've got such great support around me. There are fears I never knew about and tasks I never thought about before but God gifts us mothers with a super natural ability to get through it. I've had so much fun getting to know this sweet babe of mine, and I can't wait to see what else she teaches me! We are so blessed. 

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