Sunday, January 1, 2012

too awesome to comprehend!

Today I began reading my Day By Day Kid's Bible and of course it starts off with the very beginning.

"To begin with, God made the earth and space. The earth had no shape. There was nothing on it. It was dark. But God's spirit floated above the water."

That little bit alone always leaves me with so many questions. How did God make space? Where is Heaven in relation to it? So the earth started out as a mass of water?

As humans we have such a curious nature. If we look back, curiosity was first provoked by the Devil  himself when he tempted Eve with the forbidden fruit. So does that make it bad to be curious? No, I don't think so. I can however find the danger when we find ourselves so curious about God.

Think about it. When we are curious about God, we seek reason and understanding. The fact is.... it's hard to find reason and understand about our Heavenly Father. God is much too powerful for humans too comprehend. We can't find answers that fulfill our curiosity. God said, "Let there be light", and there was light! There isn't much reasoning behind that. When I look at all of the people who lack faith in God, because they can't understand how He could create the earth, it makes me see danger in being so curious.

You know when your a kid... and your parents told you to do something... and you didn't understand why... and they said, "because I said so"....

I think that's how God works sometimes. I can't really understand how God made the earth.... but God said He did. I just have to believe that there is a being so powerful that he made light by saying, "let there be light".... there is no explanation on how it happened. It just happened because He said so.

"Jesus loves me this I know
  For the Bible tells me so"

All the truths we know about the God, His Son, and the Holy Spirit, we know because the Bible tells us so. It is so completely opposite to how our culture works. Culture says we need reason and understanding... but I can't seem to understand my God.

No doubt.... if my faith on God was based on the fulfillment of my curiosity... I'd have no faith! So I think it's important to sometimes put our curiosity to rest and instead fill our minds with awe for God's great splendor. We can feel God if we allow His presence into our lives and that helps our assurance.  (Of course once again... there isn't much logic to that!)

We serve a POWERFUL God who is too awesome to comprehend. Enough said!

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