Sunday, December 11, 2011

chores chores!

Last week I got behind on chores. Actually it seems I'm always behind on them. I know you're thinking "how many chores can this wife with no children in a one bedroom apartment possible have?"..... and I know I know I don't have that many.

But I'm still managing to be behind. And it drives me crazy. And I know I'm beginning sentences with "and" which is wrong.

So I'm sitting and thinking that I wish I could snap my fingers and everything be perfect. I'll keep it perfect... I just don't want to make it perfect!

But I know it's been perfect before and I haven't kept it up so I know that I'm lying to myself.

I know I know "just wait until you have kids and a house"...... I KNOW! That's why this bothers me! It's only the 2 of us in a small space and I STILL am a lousy housekeeper!

So now that I've vented to you a little bit about the reality of perfect me.... I'm going to get up and clean out fridge, clean our little bathroom, and do a load of hand washed clothes. Then I'm going to make a schedule for my chores. Maybe that will help.

Except.... oops.... it's time to start cooking dinner!

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  1. Oh girly! You sound like me! I am the same way. lol